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Sorry for the late reply! I'd recommend posting an issue to the project Leikr github page. 
I'd like to take a look at your project if you've got it public anywhere!

It may be possible. I know there have been attempts in the past by others to get lwjgl or libgdx to run in a libretro core. I haven't looked myself.

Awesome. Any chance it can be bridged to matrix?

Any particular actions you'd like to see? I'd like to work some more on this time permitting :)

I use this

For running on windows, once you have the jdk installed, you should just be able to run the Leikr.bat

Hey! Did you give it a try? I just did a gamejam and deployed a windows version which did work :) 

There should be an executable called Leikr that Itch automatically detects?

Wow! Thank you for giving it a try :D Definitely a ton of room for improvement post-jam :)

You will need either a jdk or jre for your OS to run this yes. You can get the ones I use here

For windows you should be able to run the Leikr.bat but I haven't tested in quite some time as I only have Fedora based machines. If it is not working I'd me happy to help troubleshoot and fix it!

I sure am! I'm in the middle of converting the main codebase to Groovy. I actually do most of my releases for Flathub. But I'll be doing the next release here too. Just trying to fix things up. If you've got ideas or comments you can always share on the github repo

I'm not terribly skilled at ux and design so things are rough in the parts I did personally. (The contributions from others look amazing though. I love the intro animation with the pixel steam hehe)

I promise next time I won't do farming. But I won't promise I won't make another addicting game hehe.

Thank you so much for giving it a try! Hopefully future updates for graphics can help the very small graphics have a bit more obvious details in necessary places :) as well as there being plans for *much* more content! :D Super excited to see where this one can go.

Not sure why I didn't think to link a devlog here :D
Moondrop Dale Devlog

Now with a Demo!

The rom works in emulators using RetroArch :)

I'll definitely keep in mind a better way to on board folks to games. Built in tutorials might be good:) thanks for playing my game! Means a lot to me.

Upgrades are purchasable before a run. I made it that way both because older nes games like Gradius worked that way (where I got the power up idea) and because it gives a purpose to purchasing upgrades prior to a run.

I absolutely love your description :D thank you for playing!

Thank you so much! Means a lot to me that you found it enjoyable :D thanks for playing! In the post-jam updates I'll add better instructions and a few fixes :) as I've updated the engine for controller input so the new version will be cleaner for input handling.

if that happens and you don't lose lives, it means you have some super to use as a last chance. Either a bomb or swap item or some sort of feast.

I'm sorry the instructions are a bit lacking...

I've never done one of these on itch before. Is that a good number of folks for this type of jam?

totally missed this! Sorry about that. I posted all my progress on my git repo and twitter though.

Definitely my favorite game creation tool. I'm still pretty new to game development, but I've played around with a lot of different tools, and this has quickly become my favorite. The easy to follow gui design makes it a lot of fun just to play with the tool itself. 

I'm currently going through the tutorials and loving every second of it!

First Pico-8 TD game I found, and I loved it! Got to the end (barely!) Took me way off gaurd when the monsters fought back! Excellent. The mechanic of needing to recharge the ammo was an awesome twist

This was fantastic! Was a fun few minutes. I like that it was just challenging enough to keep my attention and kept me motivated to continue to the end. Love the art style!