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A member registered Dec 06, 2016

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new idea egyptians ;)

in gladiator arena my highscore is 61 can anyone beat it? good luck!!!

i beated the game too i realy liked the campaign ;)


is it posible to kill the king?

i entered the red kingdom yay!!!!!

you could add the thing that if you defeat the campaign you get some very strong and overpovered weapons and you can use them in custom batles


i got the ice spear in the campaign its coll i realy like the line coming out of it

you could add second campaign where you had to defend

you could add robots or jetpacks or make map biger and add tanks ,cars,jeeps,planes,helicopters.... and i want to ask will you add multiplayer?

ok i will post other of my sugestions from these five minutes ;) xD

whats funny about my its i run out of ideas and after five minutes i have more of them

found a new glitch if you kill an enemy and there is spear trowher behind him and he trowhs his spear his spear gets stuck in the air and ou cant kill him because the spear pushes you back

campaign is preety eazy if you reach 61 in gladiator arena ;)

i saw yesterday someone sad that he wants vikings but bro there are wikings just give a man round shield and an axe here you go a viking

Thank You!!!

HI JNI!!!!

who sad that there isnt anyone in fuckijng campaign? there is just reach level 28 bro ;)

one more idea that there would be not only to armies like blue and red add more armies like black grey green brown yelow and other colours maybe add napaleon time stuff and asia type stuf like samurais and ninjas add zombies and you now the dark peasent from t.a.b.s add someone like him .......

i found another bug in campaign when enemy shoots a bow sometimes arow is very long like from the enemy who shot it to like a border of the map

i have one more idea if anyone get shot with fire arow he gets on fire and dyes or sets other on fire and they all dye and wooden towers should burn to

sorry for my bad english i am Lithuanian ;)

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my gladiator arena highscore is 61 who will beat it? i also find some bugs in gladiator arena like if i kill horse its sometimes goes flying and flys around arena or i kill horseman his weapon drops and bounces everywhere .. .. i suggest slower spawn rate because i got to 61 and my game just started laging thats why i died ;( and its just to fast i like this game i said what i hope you add last day when the game launched i realy like it ...... i want to add something to my ideas i want to see modern stuff like space wariors and stuff like an ability to drop meteors or acid rain that there would me house and wariors need to be in it because they would dye from acid rain and you need aces to control them show them where to go i will have some ideas later on i think you will be able to add stuf like this because i now you very good and you arent afraid of lots of work youre great creator jni!!!!

there is first person wiew pres c bro

ok bye i am waiting for new troops and inprowments good luck bye!!!!!!!!

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try gladiator mode my record is 20 ;)


yeah i now ;)

legs dont move because you need to move a litle bit to right or left and then legs will start moving ;)

i think you should make bows more powrful because its just shit i need to shoot 10 times to kill unarmed guy

how to pick up wepons?

jni what is the best wepon in your opinion?

oh c ok

how to be in first perspective?


yahoo i beated the cheapter one

solder leo the game is out

jni i have an idea can you add spells? that there wood be wizards and the player could use spels magic!!!!!!

the level with balistas is very hard