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my gladiator arena highscore is 61 who will beat it? i also find some bugs in gladiator arena like if i kill horse its sometimes goes flying and flys around arena or i kill horseman his weapon drops and bounces everywhere .. .. i suggest slower spawn rate because i got to 61 and my game just started laging thats why i died ;( and its just to fast i like this game i said what i hope you add last day when the game launched i realy like it ...... i want to add something to my ideas i want to see modern stuff like space wariors and stuff like an ability to drop meteors or acid rain that there would me house and wariors need to be in it because they would dye from acid rain and you need aces to control them show them where to go i will have some ideas later on i think you will be able to add stuf like this because i now you very good and you arent afraid of lots of work youre great creator jni!!!!