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I love this game!!!!!!! So much!!!!!!! Thank you for making it!!!!!!!

I'm still finishing a playthrough of this game, and am having a lovely time with the prompts. I'll be honest, I (was one of the small portions of the population that) never understood the appeal of rivalries for a long time... so when I picked this up, I was hoping to expand my knowledge, and I did! So thank you!

As for criticism (if you want it!), I do think the most fun I had with this was using the prompts, and the questions at the beginning to flesh out the characters. I did change mine slightly since one character was blind, instead of "visually" attractive I was using "physically" attractive, so I could talk more about how the other character sounded and felt. 

I would have liked, either in the setup or in the cards, for there to be more details or prompts about the setting that the characters were in. Even broader details would have made it easier to envision for myself. 

Since I'm having too much fun with the prompts -- I love that there are second prompts for if you come around to them a second time -- I haven't had too much interest in the actual end of the game to see whether the characters end up together or not, but perhaps I'll have more to say once I get to that part of the game. 

Thank you for building this game, and for reading! 

Thank you for this; it's calming and reassuring

I played this with my boyfriend of two years, and it helped us open up and communicate in a delightful way. He enjoyed the art a lot! Thank you!

This was a lovely read through. Thank you so much for sharing. Your words are absolute poetry, comforting, and calming and brilliant.