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Any comments or thoughts on the game are welcome. I'm probably going to upload a slight tweak to the map and items soon.

The difficulty is always tricky, wether to leave it challenging for people or reduce it so people can actually reliably finish the game. Thanks for playing

I always struggle with the sound stuff because  I don't have a ready made library of effects and music to use and searching for that stuff takes ages for me.

Hey. Saw your comment on my entry and thought I would check out your game as well. I think the style is pretty nice and interesting looking, especially for a shorter project. As for the gameplay I have a some thoughts. The camera placement might make the game look more dynamic than a straight sideways camera would, unfortunately the angle of the camera also makes it much harder to judge distance for jumps and obstacles than a sideways camera would.  Another thing that would help is a drop shadow beneath the characters. Many if not most 3d platformers add a drop shadow artificially (regardless of where light is coming from) specifically to make it easier to position yourself in mid-air. Good work, hope you enjoyed the jam.

Thank you. I was gonna put more decorations on the snake, but my photoshop decided it didn't want to exist anymore, so it is what it is.

Didn't consider that someone would earn that much money to be honest. in point 3 I meant. I'm gonna fix the description to make it clearer though.

There was a plan for a while to have descriptions for the ingredients to make it more possible to figure out recipes, for instance the darkvision potion contains both rat tail and newt eye (rats can see in the dark) and flight potion will contain dragonfly wings and fairy dew (both dragonflies and fairies can fly).  however I didn't have enough time in the end to get that worked out. I also wanted to have a recipe book to show what potions it was possible to find, but that also got scrapped. Being able to buy ingredients in bulk would definitely have made sense to add as a feature.

Interesting idea, but I think it would work better if it had more structured puzzles. Maybe missions where you are tasked to craft progressively more difficlt things. As a freeform game it takes a bit too long to get anything done.

There are actually much fewer combinations than it seems (the order you put stuff in doesn't matter, only what you put in). I believe 1 in every 5 combinations should result in something and I was hoping that was common enough for people to stumble into some combinations. Ideally there should've been some system to help you figure out viable combinations I agree.

The idea is to make the potions you know to earn enough money to experiment. More starting money might have been a good idea though. You can try the recipe of two dragonfly wings and one rat tail and then sell the result.