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Hello fellas, folks, peoples, strangers, friends. I'm TooFlour. I like thinking about game design and concepts. I've helped design some games but I've always had trouble with wrapping my head around the code aspect. One day I want to make a cool, simple space shooter like Galaga.

I'm a little anxious but excited to do this jam and I hope I can team up to juggle some ideas.

Saw this game in some bits and pieces on the net, gave it a try, and it feels real fine. Game's got both good aesthetic and catchy tunes. The gameplay also has a fair challenge to it, although sometimes when I press the buttons in time to the tunes it occasionally decides "no, you didn't!" Although that could just me not being good at the game.

Wonderful game. I loved the story and the spritework. It really had an impact on me, especially with the artist NPC.

An RPG roguelite streamlined down to a press of a button and good aim. What a lovely game, although some of the designs could use some work. Some weapons and items are a little too strong or too situational to be of any use. But overall, I loved the time I've spent playing the game.

I'm a sucker for block puzzle games and this game puts a neat spin on it. The fact that the game actively makes me think of strategies to try and cross the river makes for fun gameplay. Make 2 separate islands with one being ahead and one lagging behind or make 1 small mobile raft island to snake around the hazards? So many choices.

There were a few problems I had with the game. Jumping in the game felt like it could've been slightly more floaty overall. It feels very imprecise and I kept going into the river as a result. Crystals could have more incentive to collect them outside of getting a high score. And lastly, I kept running into this bug where I couldn't pick up and blocks anymore and was forced to watch as the raft I built slowly crumbles.

With all that said, with a little polish and a few things ironed out, I could see it being released on some digital storefronts. It's a really unique and interesting action puzzle game reminiscent of games like Catherine where you have to control the blocks to get your character in a better position.

For such a simple, straight-forward concept, this game is very fun and addicting. The action this game provides is complemented by a combination of quality spritework, screenshake, and banger sound. For the experience it aims to accomplish, this product fulfills tenfold.

I played this game after hearing about it on twitter from 2 different sources. It's a little rough around the edges, but conceptually, the story is interesting.

There were somethings I felt weren't handled well, like how the main character keeps getting thrust into these situations where they're killing inadvertently with a moral high ground. With that said, it's fascinating to see the psychological state of the character constantly changing as the game progresses, with it only going into almost a complete decline. Overall, I think the story could've used more work and didn't try to load the audience with too many themes.

I like this game mainly because it shows that it has ambition behind it. I could have spent that time anywhere else, but for what it's worth, I've enjoyed it. Thank you for this game.