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Pretty decent game. The lowest I've ever got was 7 pieces. This game would definitely benefit from having the ability to hold tetrimino pieces when rerolling.

Same. I even tipped 6.90 for it.

Very tricky little game. Challenging but definitely enjoyable! Has some satisfying game feel and player feedback. 

If there were a couple things I'd like added, it would be collectables, and the option to adjust the speed of the game. Collectables would add an extra layer of challenge and also help guide the player in certain directions. The ability to slow the game's pace down would also benefit players that can not handle the game's fast pace and difficulty. Game difficulty is like a spice; not everyone can handle it and some love it.

Great game :-D

Dude that level was HELL. It reminded me of Veni, Vidi, Vici from VVVVVV. It's designed to really trip you up if you keep going in the same sequence. That level was full of so many skid marks and X's.

Neat gameplay concept and platforming. Some of the jumps and checkpoint hitboxes could be a little more generous, but otherwise it's pretty satisfying to bend the world to your whim by switching.


Great speed game. A lot of my high scores are in the 100s or 50s in ranking. You can definitely feel the momentum of using the grapple hook. My only complaints are that the FOV isn't adjustable, and the pixel filter can't be reduced in the settings in some way.

The loop level is my favorite, because I actively tried to think of strategies to save as much time as possible. Skim your head on the first platform on (or on the side of) the guardrail, grapple the next platform, skim the point, grapple to the next point, get just enough momentum so that you don't need to grapple to the second to last point, and then fall as soon as possible. It's very precise in planning where to go and grappling to move as fast as possible.

After the 12th level, the stages quickly begin to pick up in difficulty. Before that point it's sort of easy. It gets really frustrating >_<;

In spite of my apparent skill issue, it's still a great game to pick up and play. The bridge physics definitely have weight to it. And the player feedback of having certain parts of the bridge flash and "stress" when the design is slightly faulty is fantastic.

Also, the concept is funny. I explained it to my mom and she told me it was like a fever dream.

Good game! :-)

Great game. The aesthetics and music give off a relaxed and yet melancholic mood that's both chill and worrisome. Makes me think the dog is lost and only has his trusty stick to keep him company. 

The puzzles are fairly well designed with intention and deliberation. Each obstacle has a purpose for being there and it shows remarkable polish. I would expect that puzzle games such as these have been extensively tested.

For a demo, it shows great promise. I'll be looking forward to when this releases :-)

Nifty lil' game. Reminds me of a certain minigame from Super Mario 64 DS where you're sorting out mines. It's a novel concept to game-ify some traditional click and dragging files into folders. But now you're putting bombs away and if you don't do it in time they explode!

Some small criticisms I have are that the game could do with a color blind option. I had to turn off my blue light filter to play the game, otherwise I couldn't discern the difference between the black and blue bombs. Some symbols on the bombs would definitely help. Maybe triangles, squares, and circles.

One feature I'd like to request is to have a dedicated button (maybe right click) where if you hold it, it accelerates the bomb spawns. It would not only speed up the process of starting up a new run by cutting down the wait, but it would also introduce a risk vs reward mechanic.

The aesthetic is decent enough, but I really dig the way the game sounds when clicking and dragging. The game is generally well polished and decent quality. Great game!

Just played through this game. Had some small trouble in the blue temple but then I realized I suck at sokoban. I was hoping there would be an alternate ending or secrets if you alter the game's cfg file. It would've fit with the game's title a bit more. Either that or there's something I'm missing.

Good game!

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Pretty dang creepy but cute. I feel a mix of discomfort and sweetness after getting every end. Also the artstyle is pretty great!

This game is exactly what it says on the tin. Also, repeatedly clicking on the sheep is funny.

Some criticisms I have are as follows: some of the weapons are either so good that it trivializes the game or so weak that they kill your run. Quiver/Cursed Magic (mainly the former) are good because you can shoot them and kill things off screen. One shot and sticky are terrible because they're too slow to kill anything while you're constantly moving to the right. Money eventually becomes useless and trying new weapons will likely end the run.

Otherwise, the game is pretty well designed and straight forward. Good art, music, sound design. It's sort of like playing Nuclear Throne but it's on a diet. Overall, this is quite poggers.

I might've taken it a bit too far and invented the color white.
Very fun game.

I don't know what I was expecting but I feel like I should've asked for consent first before playing this game.

Still, it's funny and a nifty lil' platformer.

Great presentation and writing.

Great presentation and writing.

Interesting little text adventure with a short maze. It'd probably get repetitive trying to get every ending in the same maze. It's decent.

Fun and relatively simple gameplay. Feels like it's missing something though. Maybe it's not as difficult as I'd like it to be? The level design could use some work.

 Also, some platforms and ladders are very difficult to get to when playing classes other than the archer, due to the slower speed.

Hello fellas, folks, peoples, strangers, friends. I'm TooFlour. I like thinking about game design and concepts. I've helped design some games but I've always had trouble with wrapping my head around the code aspect. One day I want to make a cool, simple space shooter like Galaga.

I'm a little anxious but excited to do this jam and I hope I can team up to juggle some ideas.

Saw this game in some bits and pieces on the net, gave it a try, and it feels real fine. Game's got both good aesthetic and catchy tunes. The gameplay also has a fair challenge to it, although sometimes when I press the buttons in time to the tunes it occasionally decides "no, you didn't!" Although that could just me not being good at the game.

Wonderful game. I loved the story and the spritework. It really had an impact on me, especially with the artist NPC.

An RPG roguelite streamlined down to a press of a button and good aim. What a lovely game, although some of the designs could use some work. Some weapons and items are a little too strong or too situational to be of any use. But overall, I loved the time I've spent playing the game.

I'm a sucker for block puzzle games and this game puts a neat spin on it. The fact that the game actively makes me think of strategies to try and cross the river makes for fun gameplay. Make 2 separate islands with one being ahead and one lagging behind or make 1 small mobile raft island to snake around the hazards? So many choices.

There were a few problems I had with the game. Jumping in the game felt like it could've been slightly more floaty overall. It feels very imprecise and I kept going into the river as a result. Crystals could have more incentive to collect them outside of getting a high score. And lastly, I kept running into this bug where I couldn't pick up and blocks anymore and was forced to watch as the raft I built slowly crumbles.

With all that said, with a little polish and a few things ironed out, I could see it being released on some digital storefronts. It's a really unique and interesting action puzzle game reminiscent of games like Catherine where you have to control the blocks to get your character in a better position.

For such a simple, straight-forward concept, this game is very fun and addicting. The action this game provides is complemented by a combination of quality spritework, screenshake, and banger sound. For the experience it aims to accomplish, this product fulfills tenfold.

I played this game after hearing about it on twitter from 2 different sources. It's a little rough around the edges, but conceptually, the story is interesting.

There were somethings I felt weren't handled well, like how the main character keeps getting thrust into these situations where they're killing inadvertently with a moral high ground. With that said, it's fascinating to see the psychological state of the character constantly changing as the game progresses, with it only going into almost a complete decline. Overall, I think the story could've used more work and didn't try to load the audience with too many themes.

I like this game mainly because it shows that it has ambition behind it. I could have spent that time anywhere else, but for what it's worth, I've enjoyed it. Thank you for this game.