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Very nice! Although it's not fun to lose, the ending animation and art is cool :D I like the chaotic nature of it, and how sometimes some choices worked and sometimes they didn't. Made it fun to try to balance strategy with some luck. I don't know if it was just me, but sometimes I felt it was difficult to track who was in power and who was going against me or the leader in power. The images made it clear most of the time, but I think them popping up full screen confused me sometimes with not being able to see the bottom left UI. Though maybe I have poor memory haha. Nice job, your pixel art and game skills are definitely improving!

Nice! You've done some great work so far with the concept art and first devlog. The conference sounded cool too. Glad you had a nice #devtober experience :)

Haven't finished yet but I’m loving it so far, well done Artindi and Rowbot! The puzzles are challenging but fun, and have seemed to improve a bit since the earlier playtest. I love the ones that require all your clones because it feels more satisfying getting “all your ducks in a row”. The addition of the story element with the dead scientists is sweet and adds a lot to the context. I’ll be sure to update when I’m done :)

Nice! Those throwing stars are really satisfying when they hit :D Love the lighting/glow fx too.

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Yay I guess :D Awesome work guys! Definitely a challenge but very enjoyable and fun game! Cool story and I really like the art of the Guardian of existence. It felt very polished/smooth as well :)

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Cool! And sorry about that I'm oblivious, removed the image :D

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This is awesome Snowy! The puzzles are pretty challenging but super satisfying to complete :D (I'm still stuck on hurdles though xD). The pixel art and music is also great as well. Can't wait to see more!

Also, I don't know if it's intentional but you can push blocks into the level select zone. Honestly I think it's funny and think you should keep it xD

Thank you :)

Thanks Skeffles! Yeah very good point, even a color change/outline indicating that the planet was small enough would help a lot

Thank you! Yes the targeting is somewhat random, I didn't fully implement point and click targeting.

Thank you! And I agree, adding clarity with the laser/planet size would help

Thank you :) Yeah the spawning didn't take into account the player's position so sometimes that happens that they spawn right on top of you, sorry!

Haha thanks so much!

Thank you! Sorry didn't add volume control :)

Amazing! I'm impressed by the amount of levels, art style, and polish. Great implementation of the split character and it fits so well with the levels how the top half can crawl in narrow spaces and the bottom half can jump higher than the whole. Great job :)

Great job Manisha! Love the art and the level design, especially that each level transitions right to the next. The star buds are adorable :D

Nice job Barji! A very fun challenge. I like how you need to keep moving forward/carry your momentum while switching to beat the wall behind you. The nature of the gameplay turned it into a speedrunning game on it's own it seems :D Great work!

Awesome Ben! Very polished with the sounds and animation, and I like the challenge. The tether blocks were very interesting and found the game a lot of fun :)

Sweet Michael! Great level design and I like the take on the theme shown with the color change of the square.

Great work Lewis! Loved the artwork, the little blobbins remind me of the junimos from Stardew. The gameplay was cool too and I like that there is fall damage so you have to place/land on the item.

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What a great message :) You should be proud for making a game like this that's not the "norm" but doing it from your heart. Loved the music and the act of literally "connecting" with everyone.

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One day, one day  I will win!!! xD This is awesome!! The waves are interesting, the difficulty curve is great, and I love all the art for each enemy and tower! The balance is nice because each time I played I felt like either I found a better meta or got a bit further in the waves. I found being able to move towers without penalty at anytime was super helpful to finish off some enemies that got through (like those pesky buffaloes). Very polished as well. Amazing job dude, you should be proud :)

Dang this is challenging, but fun! I like the art style for the background and the soothing music. Personally I'd be a little paranoid making a game about potential plane crashes while on a plane, but nice work regardless :D

75%, not too bad I guess xD Awesome Work! The atmopshere of the game was great with the sound fx, particles, models, etc. Even if it was only a few waves, I did like that there was some strategy in upgrading your towers and removing and placing towers at new spots. The boss battle/cutscene was a great touch as well. The only bug I found was that the music doesn't seem to loop. Other than that, looks flawless to me :)

10/10 I love myself some big wobbly bullets :)

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Man that was fun! Rage inducing, especially at this level, but fun! The idea that your bullets can come down to kill you is really neat. At first I was just spamming bullets but I realized that didn't work and switch for bursts. I like the variety of levels, and I ended up getting to the first level with the 5 cubes on your side. Maybe one day I can see that boss :D Great job Vince!

Thanks so much! Glad it wasn't too hard, and congrats on beating it!


Thanks a bunch! Great to hear that it was balanced and fun!

Thanks! <3

Great to hear, thank you so much!

Awesome! This was really fun! I like how the gameplay almost switches from "search" mode to "avoid the infected" mode. I got lucky the first time and found the carrier on Day 2. I don't think the earliest discovery time is working right, since I had play-throughs where I found the carrier on day 2, then 5, then 10, and it comes up that the earliest was 10. Cool stuff!

Haha awesome, thanks so much for playing! The video was great! Should have made it more clear that you jump, so it would have been a little easier for you :D

Thanks Sam :D Appreciate you playing!

Cool! Challenging but fun game!

Hey nice game! Reminds me of playing Agar.


I think the directional light for the scene is reflecting on the sun :D And once you get all the breeding combos of the surrounding pedestals, the last one will unlock. Thanks for playing! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you Rob!