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75%, not too bad I guess xD Awesome Work! The atmopshere of the game was great with the sound fx, particles, models, etc. Even if it was only a few waves, I did like that there was some strategy in upgrading your towers and removing and placing towers at new spots. The boss battle/cutscene was a great touch as well. The only bug I found was that the music doesn't seem to loop. Other than that, looks flawless to me :)

10/10 I love myself some big wobbly bullets :)

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Man that was fun! Rage inducing, especially at this level, but fun! The idea that your bullets can come down to kill you is really neat. At first I was just spamming bullets but I realized that didn't work and switch for bursts. I like the variety of levels, and I ended up getting to the first level with the 5 cubes on your side. Maybe one day I can see that boss :D Great job Vince!

Thanks so much! Glad it wasn't too hard, and congrats on beating it!


Thanks a bunch! Great to hear that it was balanced and fun!

Thanks! <3

Great to hear, thank you so much!

Awesome! This was really fun! I like how the gameplay almost switches from "search" mode to "avoid the infected" mode. I got lucky the first time and found the carrier on Day 2. I don't think the earliest discovery time is working right, since I had play-throughs where I found the carrier on day 2, then 5, then 10, and it comes up that the earliest was 10. Cool stuff!

Haha awesome, thanks so much for playing! The video was great! Should have made it more clear that you jump, so it would have been a little easier for you :D

Thanks Sam :D Appreciate you playing!

Cool! Challenging but fun game!

Hey nice game! Reminds me of playing Agar.


I think the directional light for the scene is reflecting on the sun :D And once you get all the breeding combos of the surrounding pedestals, the last one will unlock. Thanks for playing! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you Rob!

It isn't, I got further this time :D

That was my first playthrough, the boss caught me off Guard! Looks great! Love the Art Style, and it's great to see a variety of Enemies with different mechanics. I'll keep trying :D

Sweet! Great concept and the art is really nice as well! Having the physics on the character and the parallax background really made the game feel polished. I got to the level with white eyes, and it was fun all the way through!

If I had to critique anything, I would prefer a sound FX for jumping rather than landing just from a feedback pov. And it's a small thing, but the respawn/fall time was a little long.

Overall, really great entry, and I hope you do well!

I really appreciate the feedback Michael thank you! I would like to incorporate forgiveness more, like having players do different actions other than talking. And I will check out those issues. Thanks!

Thanks Pigster, I appreciate it!

Rip nice job

Pickles! Nice work Vincent! At first I thought you could only move to the adjacent tiles, but once I realized you could go anywhere it made it much more fun. The projectiles were sometimes a little hard to see, but I loved seeing the game ramp up from the flurry of projectiles to the crossed out tiles. Anyone beat 77?

Thank you! I just updated the game with the light beams as well!And I definitely will check out GDWC. I haven't heard of it before, but it does sound awesome!

Agreed, I just added it, thanks!

Thanks! Yeah I'm considering adding some sort of beam light or indicator as to where the home base is.

Nice work! I really liked the look of it, especially the glowing pink colors. I also liked that there was multiple paths so you could play as you want. I would have liked to see some sound, but I like it!

A and D to move

W or Space to Jump

P to Punch

K to Kick

Nice! I really liked the art of the game, especially the enemies. The game seemed a little buggy however, and I felt like sometimes I was losing health randomly and was moving weird. Regardless, I like the story aspect as well!

Haha the Wriggles. This was awesome guys! Loved the story, and the end part where you had to recall the evidence was a really interesting mechanic. Well done!

Thank you, I appreciate that!

Thanks I'll check it out! And yeah, mashing buttons will work haha