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I released the game on the app stores (links above). This was a shitload of work, oh my. All those screenshots. But anyway, it's done.
Also, the Android version had a critical bug with depth buffering, that is solved now. Best you download it via the store, so you'll also get future updates.

I've confirmed the crashes on my Ubuntu 15.10 as well. Sorry for that.
I'll look into it some more next week!

I'll get back into development next week, so I'll have a closer look at it then.
Seems to be an issue with realtime shadows form what you describe.

Wohaa. I'm uploading a new build in a minute that includes the 64 bit version as well, please check it out.

Thanks! Another commenter on GameJolt said it looks like Sky Roads, although I've never heard of that before. But it might me the game you are looking for.

The music is from Kevin MacLeod (
Red/Green: Ok, I'm still thinking about the color scheme in general, also how it changes with the difficulty over time (right now only the track border color changes, I have sky and ambient color changes ready as well, just no satisfying color combinations yet.)
Red/Green might also be an issue for people with color-blindness, maybe I'll look a bit more into different color palette there.

Good input, thanks.

Hi Mike :)

I pool the gameobjects with a plugin called (Path-O-Logical) PoolManager, but I took the easy way and implemented Menu and Game scene seperately, so I'm just restarting the scene, pooling it all again.
I'm a bit worried I'll run into clean-up issues when I try to reuse the same scene, but I think I'll try that soon and see how it goes.

Also thanks for the device specs, good to know if it runs on other devices as well.


Thanks! Glad you like it.
Is there anything that's bothering you or that you like to see added?

Hi MilosMike,

thanks for your feedback!

On multiple lives: I think it's best to leave it at "permadeath", as it is a high-score based game and not that difficult anyway, when you get the hang of it. Multiple lives would make it even easier and push play time considerably over my targeted 3min goal.

Starting countdown is good, I'll put that on the list.

Load times: Yeah, they are quite a bit longer on Android, there quite a bit of pre-pooling of gameobjects, maybe I can bring the number down a bit. What device are you using?

Controls: Virtual D-Pad is on the roadmap, I got the same feedback from a friend of mine.

Android APK added just now! Had to disable real-time shadows as there were some bias issues. Maybe can fix those later, but it doesn't break the game and it probably does wonders to the performance on low-end devices.

Sorry man, I thought it's a nick name made out of Ofi+hombre. Written communication is a well of misunderstandings.
Hope you enjoy the game! :)

My pleasure. Next time just ping me and let me know where the problem is, I'm happy to help.
And I want feedback on my game hombre! ;)

Sorry, there must be a bug on, I entered the correct links on the external file dialog, but downloads wouldn't start.
I uploaded the files to directly now, should work now. Have fun!

Another comment that fails to be courteous, really in internet are many such cases.
In other news: Mac download link is fixed now.