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I had a lot of fun with this game. Its length is fitting with its concept making the pacing really good. The combat system isn't complicated, but isn't without challenge which is quite satisfying. The story is interesting and delightfully gore-filled.

The only negative I would want to point out, is the aiming system. It would possibly be better if you could aim with the mouse, considering it's hard to get those enemies diagonal to you.

I made a let's play of this, if anyone wants to have a look: (warning: contains excessive cussing and crude "humor")

I really quite enjoyed this game, and had a good time going through it. I liked the cute pixel art, as well as the enchanting BGM that was quite in tune with the game's surroundings. The puzzles annoyed me, because I'm a big goober who can't solve anything without someone holding my hand, but most of them were not hard enough to ruin the game's pacing. I found the story really hard to grasp in the end, which may or may not be something negative. It allowed for a lot of speculation, which is something I appreciate. (Or maybe I'm just an idiot who didn't catch the story that was obvious)

I made a playthrough of it if anyone wants to have a look: (warning: contains a lot of cussing and borderline edgy "humor"(don't worry dev, I managed to avoid the bad jokes with which one would not like one's content to be associated ;^) ))