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I really quite enjoyed this game, and had a good time going through it. I liked the cute pixel art, as well as the enchanting BGM that was quite in tune with the game's surroundings. The puzzles annoyed me, because I'm a big goober who can't solve anything without someone holding my hand, but most of them were not hard enough to ruin the game's pacing. I found the story really hard to grasp in the end, which may or may not be something negative. It allowed for a lot of speculation, which is something I appreciate. (Or maybe I'm just an idiot who didn't catch the story that was obvious)

I made a playthrough of it if anyone wants to have a look: (warning: contains a lot of cussing and borderline edgy "humor"(don't worry dev, I managed to avoid the bad jokes with which one would not like one's content to be associated ;^) ))