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Thanks! You rock

Oh shooot, I should have tested it on a different computer haha. Well I guess I'll have to wait a week to fix it but thanks for letting me know

Thanks! I just updated the game with more player speed, so that should make it feel better.

heck yeah, if you have anything send it my way

Thanks for the feedback. I started working on the game again to make a full version, and the first thing I did was increase player speed haha. I also totally see what you mean about killing dogs being sad, it definitely is. I tried to make it as cartoony and comedic as possible but yeah cute dogs shouldn't be the enemies. That's something I want to work on, maybe I'll make the enemies some sort of robot or something. If you have any ideas for that I'd love to hear it.

Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it! That’s good feedback, I did some last minute balancing stuff to make them harder and I think I went too far, good to know!

Good to know, thanks for figuring that out!

Thanks! I wanted the sounds to be very crunchy so I'm glad you liked it

Thanks! I thought the death explosions were super funny but I didn’t know if other people would appreciate it haha. You’re definitely right about the volume slider too

I am IN LOVE with this game!!! The aesthetic is amazing and I really want to make something like this now. Also I felt so cool when I jumped on the tram car haha. 

Awesome game! I really liked the backgrounds, they looked amazing.

Awesome game! It was really fun and satisfying, and I especially liked the time management part of it. I also thought the UI was really unique and cool. Good work!

Thanks! Definitely give Downwell a try sometime, it’s an amazing game!

Thanks for featuring my game! That makes me really happy :)

Thanks for playing, that's faster than I can beat it haha

JUSTICE FOR CARL GNOME. I think it's interesting how you often need to decide whether or not its worth it to take damage to get another battery. Awesome game!

Super cool game! I love the quirky style, it gives me newgrounds vibes in the best way possible.

Super cool idea! I how intuitive it is, and because there wasn't a tutorial, the moment I interacted with the telescope it clicked for me was super cool. Nice work!

Sweet game! The ant is so cute and it was fun to dig around. Good work!

10/10! You rock! So much fun to play and the creativity is off the charts! Mad respect.

Katanawell is my entry to this year's Brackeys game jam! It's essentially a remix of Downwell, one of my favorite games of all time. Digging into Downwell's design, learning from it, and expanding on it with my own features and mechanics was an awesome experience. This game is also the first I've made in Unity by myself, so it was really useful to experience the whole development process in Unity for the first time. I still like Gamemaker, but I think I've grown a lot in the past few years and Unity is better for the things I want to do now.

Try it out here:

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Thanks for the kind words! Making this game work on keyboard and single player is definitely my next step.

Thanks! I’m working on a single player mode and eventually I can get it on steam with remote play and everything :)

I just released my new game, Piss Off, and I'm super excited about it! Piss Off is a party fighting game where you battle your friends with your pee. It's hilarious and fun, while also being deep and strategic. I hope you enjoy! Play it here:

Yeah, the game ends when you go back home, just like real trick-or-treating! I don't think I'll expand the game any time soon, but maybe I'll have to make Halloween 2000 next year!

Thanks for the video, its super cool! Watching this, I realized there's a glitch where the music stopped but it should be working now.

Haha thanks for the kind words! I love scary horror movies but for some reason I'm a big baby when it comes to horror games, so I had fun making something cute instead :)

Here's my new game, Halloween '99. You dress up, get candy, and explore a small town. It's a simple but cut game that's perfect for playing this Halloween! Thanks for trying it out!

"Watching Blade Runner on a Rainy Night" is a Bitsy game about real and fake experiences. I wanted to create a game based on very specific experiences, places, and things in my life. Everything in the game is a real part of life but abstracted and digitized, which makes you wonder to what extent it is actually real. Kind of like a certain cyberpunk movie *nudge nudge* *wink wink*.

It's really short, so give it a try. I hope you can get something out of it too. Play it in browser here -

Supreme game! Super fun, the vibes rock, and the design is super impressive!

Super cool game! Really neat idea and cool use if the theme :)


Thanks for playing! I’m glad you liked it :)

haha yeah pretty much. There’s definitely more that I want to add to make it more unique. Thanks for playing!

For sure. I was short on time so I didn’t but I’ll definitely add when the jam is over. For now I’ll add some text to explain the game in the description.

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Thanks!! Being compared to Papers Please is quite an honor haha :)

Thanks so much, that's really nice! I honestly think I spent too much time on polish because I didn't have time to add levels and an actual ending hahaha, but I'm still really happy with how it turned out.

Thanks for the suggestions!


I recently started working on a Maki Beast sequel, and I definitely plan on having more types of items that you can hold and whatnot. Feel free to let me know any ideas you have, I'd love to hear them :)