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I like the concept of the surgeon struggling to stop the spread of the disease in the cells? And very impressive technically, nice job!

Very impressive art and experience! It is a shame there is no sound (at least it didn't work for me) as it would make it even more immersive. Well done.

Very good game. Professional quality

I receive an error:

There should be 'InvasionOfLove_Data'
folder next to the executable

Good graphics, good sound, consistent, and funny to play. Well done.

Great game. Love the graphics, really funny and well done. The music also suits very well.

Also the game concept, is kind of hooking. Very difficult though

Well done!

Nearly exactly the same game I did

Hei well done! I like the atmosphere in the game

I didn't really manage to make it work properly, I can move around, but couldn't interact...