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Fun game, enjoyed racing around and leaving tire marks on the road.  Winning to earn money to spend = excellent. The other cars seem to get confused, driving through the offroad area, or going in loops.

I enjoy the game a great deal, thank you for making it.  Impressive how the structure of the game allowed for many to contribute, and support a wide variety of experiences.

The initial clue drew my attention to the first location with a round face for quite a while. (30 minutes x 3 visits)  It wasn't until the 5th time playing it that I finally ignored the written clues and started exploring.  The initial frustration would have been avoided if no written clues appeared until they were useful.

I am happy that there is no tutorial.  Some artwork, or another video game console giving a clue on how to get started would be fun.

This is more like an alternate reality where I kind of have to soak into the world, and let the shapes guide me to some easter eggs.  The only thing stressful is not falling off.  Once I took my time and let the music and shapes guide me. . . wow, so cool.  Had to let it soak in 5 or 10 minutes.

Even though I won the game, I want to play again, too fun. :)

Is there a web version?

quite unique, nice sound track, simple yet challenging!