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The gameplay is very fun I also think you did an outstanding work giving the paint vibe on the art, the music is good

You nailed the paint vibe, this is an outstanding sample of a paint art being used in a game, the animation is amazing, the sounds were okay, but the jump sfx was so anoying that I wanted to play on mute sometimes, but the game is very cool, the level design is good and the game is just what I thought it should be when I made this jam. Outstanding game

Thanks =D

Thank you for joining the jam !

Great graphs !

I am also having fun watching your devlog, best devlog so far =)

It is a good idea, I hope somebody use it, the idea looks very promising

No you can use assets that were made before them jam, it does not matter if it is music, art or code, 

the only rule is that it has to look like it was made in paint.

Looks incredible, can't wait to play when it's done

Yeah =)

You can give any ideas you want here, about theme, about one more area to be rated, whatever you want.

I thought about a discord server, however I did not know if enough people would join, but I may create this upcoming week. 

Thanks for your suggestion !

I am very happy to hear that, I wish you and your son good luck !

I thought about a point n click, about Da Vinci doing Mona Lisa with paint, but I am not sure of what I'll do

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Hi, we are all sad my friend.  

I can collab if you want, I do code, but I want to try paint art this time. 


Post here your ideas and suggestions

MS Paint Game Jam community · Created a new topic Team up

Look for people to team up