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I really liked this. Great style.

Wow, that all looks really nice. It's like if Skyrim had a newspaper delivery service

That's a fun concept. Good game.

These were my thoughts too ^
I also, just reiterating here, really liked the art.

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Cute art style. The music was a bit on the sad side. Were you going for a melancholy feel?  Nice and simple gameplay.

Fun - nice job

I dig the presentation and style. Good art and music. Creative idea. Nice work!

Thank you so much, and I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

Out of curiosity, were you able to beat it?

I liked the SFX, reminded me of old school mario

Good work on this. I enjoyed the game :)

Ohhh.... OK, I looked at it again, and I didn't realize that I could swap the Logos ANYWHERE in the argument lineup. I thought it could only swap with an adjacent one. Now I passed it. 

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Love the narrative you wrote up, and the look / feel of the game. Nice art and animation. Amazing that you did this all yourself. Excellent work!

Super cool idea!

I couldn't figure out how to get past the Logos - Pathos - Logos - Logos one (2nd challenge I think). Is it broken or did I just miss the solution?

Hey, still need?

Love the art. Also extremely impressive that you did this in a custom engine.

Once I figured out that I could hit A or D multiple times to add to my speed, it helped. Simple but decently fun. It'd be nice to have levels or something. 

Love the music and artstyle. Good puzzles.

This was pretty fun!

I enjoyed this

I couldn't figure out how to play this (in the game, I mean - I did manage to get it running) ... instructions or a tutorial of some kind would be good.

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(As a heads up to others, it looks like you have to download the .pck file in addition to the .exe to make it work)

I like the blocky graphics and the different endings! That was clever.

I got to what I think is the end but wasn't sure what to do.... it was kind of sad to "beat" (?) the game but actually die and lose :(

Oh, I just assumed the crystal contained a prophecy or something, lol.

Interesting idea. Took me a minute to figure out that you have to drag your mouse in the opposite direction from what you want the sword to do. I like that you used Godot!

I really like the atmosphere this is going for. Good music and world. It almost hits the mark, but is held back by a few things:

Moving around the world was difficult. It's hard to know where you can walk and where you can't. Hitting edges makes the character vibrate, which feels off. 

Also, I would suggest telling the player how many nuts they're trying to find. Just having a ? leaves me without a clear goal and I'm not sure if I've succeeded or not each time I find a nut.

Polishing these things out this game could be really good!

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Great art, and I like that the main character has a BUSTER SWORD. Also the dialog with the two wizards is humorous.

One suggestion is to put a key map on the battle screen, so like tell us what buttons do what. It's easy to forget. Also, I was a little unclear on the exact mechanics while fighting.

Glad you liked it, and noticed the wizard :)


The Mac version says it can't be opened (using a Macbook Pro running Catalina). Can you verify that the file is correct?

I'm not sure I want to play it without my triple jumps....  

my precious, precious triple jumps....

I cannot live... without them... ;)

I really liked this. Good little strategy game, good mechanics.

I ran into a bug where, on the 2nd level, I killed the last bad guy with an arrow and the arrow just stayed on the tile (the bad guy disappeared), and the level never ended. It just kept giving me turn after turn. Might want to look into that.

You also may want to list the cost of each ability underneath their squares. At first it's a little uncertain of why you can't do such and such when you try but they cost more ability points than you have currently.

I liked the hand-drawn art style and creative treatment of the theme. Nice job.

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I like the ambiance and the humorous messages along the way. "There's nothing to see here. Bye." lol

By the way, I was able to get 3x jumps almost always. This was sort of good though because I was juuuust shy of reaching many platforms with 2x jumps. It seemed like I was cheating, but then it also kind of seemed like cheating that way was required?