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Our audio guy joined with less than 2 days to go, so we were a bit hectic with having to refactor the code to support audio, didn't have enough time to do proper levelling as gameplay balance was more important to us

Thank you :) that was an issue that could be fixed with a bit better floor spawning, I didn't have the time to make sure this didn't happen :( I could probably update it within a day, I just don't have the time :)

Yeah, that was the one problem we couldn't quite fix in dev :/ thank you for playing :)

Thank you :) Because of the spawning mechanic of the game, the position of the trees is completely random. They're biased towards the centre, but not by much, and if I came back to this game I'd change this a bit

Thank you :) Aishteru worked on the art and Rhobi made the sound, but he joined with only a day left to go, so we didn't have time to balance the sounds out

Can't make the deadline to some pretty heavy GCSE's (qualifications) I have to do very soon ;(

Been lots of fun making this game, good luck to everyone involved!

This is the weirdest pathfinding but it works 11/10

Pretty much graphics and finalising from here on out

Goodluck with whatever stuff is happening in real life, and I'll be sure to check out what you've made when it's finished!

Ok, because there's only 3 variations of ground it doesn't look too random but ok then

Dear God, why did you never give me the ability to draw

My final idea (because it's a 2d game operating in the XZ plane rather than XY, Unity's NavMesh doesn't work and the sprites flop around like crazy), so I've actually got cubes under the surface doing their thing.

Right, pathfinding is working(ish)

Implementing the hackiest workaround ever seen to the pathfinding

Working bullets and health system

Turret looking system is now working fully!

Back to work for the weekend :)

Ugh, have to go to school ;( Devlog'll continue at around 6GMT and will continue all weekend ;)

It will also be in 2d and pixel art because I'm pathetic at art ;)

Seed: 33699379770

Random Idea: A tower defense game where you go to war with bacteria, and it's the most important thing you'll ever do.

Title: Afflicted

Idea: You are the immune system of a patient that has been infected with a bad dose of whatever. You must use towers and power ups to keep your patient alive for as long as possible.