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Tom Tenner

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Thanks for playing!

Really awesome animations and art. The puzzles were pretty great, only complaint was that there was no checkpoint system. Overall I really enjoyed it!

Oh I didn't know that I'll have to check it out

I enjoyed the art style and interacting with the characters, and the whole idea that you're escaping a "utopia". I like the puzzle where you shift the dolls around, I felt pretty accomplished when it came to me lol. 

I think the other puzzles needed to be more obvious as to how you solve them. I also thought that what the patient said about free will was too on the nose, as in the ideas could've been communicated more subtly.

Besides that I enjoyed it, well done!

That's valuable info thanks :)

Thank you! I'm curious, was there anything that could've been better or done different?

Thank you for the audio compliments and feedback!

The levels were pretty difficult but great use of the mechanics. I feel like the player didn't need to be reversed as much as the level. I like the graphics too, overall great job!

thanks, if I had more time I would've definitely added another keyboard input. For some reason UE4's default is a controller for player 2 so that was the quickest thing to implement. Definitely going to figure that out for future co-op games