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I'm so happy for you!

JK5000 I am amazed by your games, as always. Good job.

Yo this is awesome!

Extremely nice! I'm so glad for you man

Lmao, it's still in development.

Thank you :D

What's your e-mail

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I can translate your project from English to Danish!

For small projects I'll do it for free. For bigger projects you better pay me :0 

Price for big projects: 10 exposure coins pr 1000 lines

Previous work:

Ja, der er vist ikke særligt mange danskere på jeg fandt faktisk din profil ved at kigge efter spil med dansk. 

Meget interresant!

Det var meget sjovt at dykke ind i dine tanker for en stund. 


This is really great!

What the actual fuck 5/5

Looking for a danish translator?

No. The small icons (WIndow, Penguin and Apple) indicate which OS's the game supports. I believe you have to get the android version from the playstore.

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Here you can discuss anything not covered by the other categories

These are the features I am working on:

Adding modding - 50%
Adding new fonts : OpenDyslexic and OpenSans - 100%
Adding new language: Russian - 100%
Changing UI - 25%
Reworking saving 0%
Reworking graph - No more funky stuff 0%

last edited on 04-06-2020

Download link

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Format your posts title like this:

[Game version] - [Short title]

Example: "0.9.0 - Stuff isn't working"

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DISCLAIMER: Modding is still pretty experimental and might break stuff. Please report any bugs you encounter.

To make a mod please read the modding guide

To install mods put them in the /mod/ folder. You can locate it by going to the install location.

Remember to select which platform the game was made for. I "do already f***cking know", but the itch launcher won't let me download it.

It's alright. Not selecting a platform disables downloads for that platform. Not selecting windows will disable windows users from downloading (Using the Itch launcher)

Remember to select which platform the game is made for

I'll fix the graph next. It is a bit weird


How does jumping work?

Remember to select the platform for the game :D

Well made :D


Movement is pretty akward, and you can only shoot in one direction. But an okay game overall :D

Sometimes the enemies get stuck in certain places. Having full auto firing would be cool, because it is a bit tiring clicking constantly. But nice game :D

Did you set it to public?

Nice game! How to change resolution