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Clickteam Fusion :D

I’m a black creator myself. This is so great of you all to help support.

I’m glad😁 and yes the stairs is my last issue. It works if you just walk right through holding left or right but if you move up or down on it it seems to mess up. (I’m still trying to figure out how to fix it) The door with the last candle opens up late in the night. Thanks for playing!

How to play? There are controls everywhere in the game normally at the right corner of the screen. You can play on Keyboard and mouse or any controller that works with windows (ex:XBOX, PS4) In chapter 1: Complete all your tasks and survive until you fall asleep every night.

How can you support me? I’d rather have a following of people that love my work then a lot of downloads, so If you’re someone who can’t afford to buy the game just tell someone about me and my work and why you appreciate it. You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube @Tokaint. Any money I make from the game will go towards building my gaming PC because the one I have right now is straight doodoo butter and the screen is broken in half lol.

Why did I make this game? I made this game because I wanted to learn more about game development. Making a big game would help me learn and master everything along the way. I also wanted to create a really cool story with all my favorite creators in it, including the small creators that deserve more recognition. The horror game community has been very dry recently, I wanted to change that.

Why does the game cost money? I worked for 8 hours (Average) daily for exactly 427 days. I wouldn’t put a free label on all those hours. Having a price on my hours gives value to my work and the title of the game. People who really want it will buy it, and it won’t get in the hands of people who don’t really care about the game.

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Resources for Content Creators

-If you’re a content creator please leave the link to the game in the description. I appreciate you all for showing your community your experience with the game. I’m trying to bring back storytelling in horror, for the people who love a story to follow.

-This game is fictional, if you have a character in the game, they do not reflect your life. It is simply just a made-up story.

-If you find anything offensive about the character role-playing as you. Please contact me on Twitter if you would like a change or removal of your character.

-If you need resources for thumbnails such as screenshots, jump-scares, or logos, they are provided in a folder called (FOR CC) (Free Download)

About the game

-Make sure you are using the Itch App to download and play the game. You will get updates automatically that way, and won’t have to return to the itchio page to update the game.

-The game will run perfectly fine on any computer or laptop

There are 7 pages to this chapter:

-Intro Cut-scene -Night 1 -Night 2 -Mid Cut-scene -Night 3 -Final Night -Final Cut-scene

-I plan to make 9 chapters. They will most likely take a month or less to make each but, I will need to build a new PC first because, I’ve been using a broken, half screened laptop this whole time LOL

-The first chapter was about CoryxKenshin. The next chapter will be about Poiised. Every chapter will be unique. Completely different game-play, monster etc. New mechanics will be introduced every chapter and every chapter will update 100% free.

Due to not being able to test the new versions I took it down

I don’t normally read online blog posts but if this was a blog… I’d read it.😂

5 Stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Did you get the version you have on or the Google play store

I'm releasing an update very soon

I really like this!