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Tohu Bohu

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I liked playing this game, plus the art and music are very neat. 

The game was very cool to play, even if I found the controls not easy. 

The graphics are great and I like the way you animated your characters.

The game is so cool, love the graphics and the animations!! 

Thank you so much for your comment! For the voices, we recorded in different languages (French, Korean and Icelandic) and the characters speak syllables randomly!

Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed our game!

Thanks a lot for the video! Glad you enjoyed trying to understand the lore of the game!

Thank you for the video and your feedback, we appreciate it!

Thank you! Glad you liked our game!

Thanks! We didn't want to add it for such a small demo but in the final version, the option will be added!

Thank you so much! Your comment is very heartwarming. If our game gave you this feeling, it's just wonderful. That is so kind of you to share our game! Thank you again!

Thank you so much!

We're glad you liked our game!

Great I managed to save everyone! I love the design of the game and graphically it is amazing.

I just tested with a low frame rate and indeed the jump is impossible, in reality it shouldn't do that, the game should have been possible with low fps, a windows version could have solved the matter but unfortunately I have submitted the game at the last minute and didn't have time to upload it, but thanks for reporting the bug, and sorry you can't play the game.

Very good game and the pixel art is very beautiful.  I love how you used the rewind in your game. 

Really funny, I really like the cutscenes and the creation of players.

It's a great game with great Voxel rendering and I love the audio, good job.

The video of a complete run of the game

Great game, I love the game mechanics ! 

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Awsome game, I love the Rewind effect, good job.

The game is geat and very funny, good job.

The idea is great and I really like the design of the apple, very fun game, good job.

An incredible game with great art and good music, good job !