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Thank you, glad that you like it!

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for enjoying the game!

Thank you for playing!

Hi! We are really sorry that we still don't have plan for Linux version.

(pardon the low GIF quality)

Hi all,

We are Toge Productions, an indie developer and publisher from Indonesia. We help Indonesian developers releasing their games on console, PC, and mobile for the global market while creating games on our own. One of the projects we're working on right now is called Coffee Talk.

Coffee Talk is a coffee brewing and heart-to-heart talking simulator about listening to fantasy-inspired modern peoples’ problems and helping them by serving up a warm drink or two. Our title as a publisher might sound extravagant, but believe me, the standard is very different when you're making a game from a country with game industry that's still far from mature.

None of the team members of Toge Productions is coming to GDC mostly due to cost and time, but hopefully, we can make use of the time not going to GDC to finish the game properly.

On the side note, while we won't be at GDC, we got some help from our friends at Media Indie Exchange to showcase the game at a party on Wednesday evening. It's called Asian Game Showcase, and it will showcase 11 games from Asia without the developers need to be on the spot (we will be there via discord tho). Do check the event out

Hello, been using for 2 days right now. It's might be not a bug, maybe more of UX design matter. Whenever I create a new project and I want to save it, I automatically pressing Ctrl+S to save, and Code Error came out, without any step to redo the mistake. This is quite bothersome that I have to choose Save As to save the project for the first time. Please consider this out :)


The game has jazzy and lo-fi chillhop soundtrack. We will upload it once the game is out ;)

Thanks a lot! We are actually working on the full updated version of the game. You can try playing the "more proper" version here

We're working on it now, although you will only see it in the full release version.

The tutorial itself will probably be part of the story, so it won't feel like the usual tutorial you found (nothing is set on stone yet)

Thanks a lot. The translation was done by a community member who also did the localization for VA-11 HALL-A

As for payment, once the game is released, we will mainly sell it on Steam. In fact you can check the Steam page and wishlist it now here

Woah, getting an approval from a barista is such an honour for us!

We're still working on improving the animation. Do wait for the full version

The brewing mechanic will probably be not too different from the demo once the game is out.

Basically you can mix anything (but not base ingredients with other base, except for milk), so you won't get a failed drinks from any combination possible

Definitely, hopefully it'll be available on Steam, iTunes, and Spotify the same day as when the game is out

Thanks for the correction! Fixed

Hi everyone,

We just uploaded a new build with bugs fixes and Chinese localization.

We also have launched our Steam page, do visit and give the game a wishlist

Thanks for the feedbacks!

1. We're going to polish the animation even more. In fact some of them are actually done, but adding it to the demo might take too long so we'll include it in the full game instead

2. The recipe app will only show special drinks, as for the other drinks, any combination is possible, and we'll make it not that punishing for the players

Thanks! We haven't made a proper tutorial or explanation anyway, so we're to blame here

We will consider it, but looking at past experiences, we can't promise much

Thank you so much for the kind words and support Sebastian!

Do wait for the full release :)

Thanks a lot!

For the save system, it's pretty silly but we forgot to hide them for the demo. The feature will only be available on the full version.

As for the barista's gender, there are some remnants of the early writing we haven't change and also the fact I'm not used to write gender neutral character in English. But having options or simply make the character gender neutral is what we're aiming for, hopefully we can pull that off nicely.

Aww thank you so much for the kind words

Thank you so much for the detailed breakdowns. We'll check it up and will update the build once we fixed the problem

Ouch! DId you do anything different then you're previous playthrough?

What's the graphic card and the drivers you're using?

Stream away, share it with your friends, any support is appreciated.

Thanks a lot Thomas!

Yup, we've fixed the bug on the latest build. And we definitely didn't even realize the fact about the date, hahaha

Thank you!

To be honest we're kind of aiming to make it gender neutral, but some parts of the old writing were still there and surpsingly it's harder to write the barista from a gender neutral perspective. Hopefully we can pull it off for the full release

Thank you so much! Yes, we have fixed the bug and will upload the new build today

We don't have specific date, but we're aiming for early 2019

Hey, the Mac version is already available since yesterday. But I made a stupid mistake by registering it as Linux instead. Pardon me for the confusion, it should run just fine now.

Thanks a lot. We're developing the full version now, wish us luck.

Some of our friends call this game VA-11 HALAL cause there's no alcohol in this game :truestory:

That's weird.

What graphic cards (and drivers) are you using?

Thanks a lot!

The phone was something we just implemented and haven't went to proper playtest. Expect more things from your phone and the customer's phone

thank you so much! <3  we're hoping to make this into a full game, please look forward to it~

Thanks! Hope you enjoy the demo!

Hello! Thank you for your interest! This is actually a demo/experimental game we made for an internal game jam, and hopefully we can actually develop it in the future!