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wanted to play this but apparently you took it down for people to play :(

MAKE THE DEMO AVAILABLE AGAIN! I wanted to show my family some of this before i actually bought the game and now I cant. You need to leave a demo up so people can see before buying!

thats weird because it should be there. unless youre on offline mode or something idk. cant help ya, try talking to customer support

just search it up in the search box there in the steam store

really wish the first one on steam was free because i cant even download it on my laptop because something is wrong with the files here

there already is of this its not listed here tho but you can search it up on the play store

just a tip for the cover of the book, dont use that symbol. in the way you use it in this game spreads more misinformtion. the upright star in the circle is called a pentacle and represents the five elements and is used for protection amoungst Wiccans and Pagans. We arent evil people so we try telling others to stop using it in horror games and movies (mostly because we are already hated on by others because we are considered "devil worshippers") 

hope someday this will be finished!

looks really cute! cant wait to play! dont give up on games!

just uninstall and reinstall it

pretty good game even tho its short, always love fast food themes!

as a gay dude im honestly not insulted lmao, also that wouldnt actually be what theyre saying if you have proper hearing lmao