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just a tip for the cover of the book, dont use that symbol. in the way you use it in this game spreads more misinformtion. the upright star in the circle is called a pentacle and represents the five elements and is used for protection amoungst Wiccans and Pagans. We arent evil people so we try telling others to stop using it in horror games and movies (mostly because we are already hated on by others because we are considered "devil worshippers") 

Agree, though to add context for the developer, even before formal Wicca and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the pentacle's been around for ages. Older traditions, despite the name seeming to imply five points (the name most likely derives from "pend" meaning "to hang", rather than "pent" meaning "five"--so like the word "pendant", which is essentially how pentacles were and still are worn by some practitioners), also had pentacles with 6 or 7 pointed stars, perhaps most notably in the Key of Solomon. All this to say, essentially, that despite the long history, uses in different traditions, and the varying appearances, pentacles have universally been used for protection.

Personally, my suggestion would be to create a sigil or pentacle of your own design (ala the famous Necronomicon pentacle), or perhaps weave the protective use of the pentacle into the lore (for example, the author placed the symbol on the cover of the book in an attempt to protect the author or reader from the evils within... but this failed).

based. Yeah Agree. they instead should use the ONA symbol....cause its bad (bedam tsk)(this is a joke , by no way am I glorifying the actions of the ONA or the lives lost because of them...pls do not be offended )  no but seriously .....devs should use a different symbol