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thanks so much! i haven't had a chance to check out the other submissions yet, but plan to tomorrow! yours looks like it has such a neat mechanic, can't wait to play it

thanks for playing and recording a vid!

hey thanks for playing our game! and actually we talked a bit about the kaili blues boat scene while making this so you're def on the money lol

ahh thanks Robert! haha was inspired by an older indie game by Felix Park called Foc/Us which has a fun zoom mechanic too, didn't know how to raycast at the time of making this lol but adding more juice and stuff is a great idea (also catfish.. scary..  wanted to make a lil video game version of the waterfall scene from Uncle Boonmee)

Ahh thank you!

Really clever idea! :)

this game made me cry

Thanks so much! :D

Thanks for checking out our game! :)

Thanks Diego!!

Thanks for playing, I'd definitely love to work on this more once this semester is over.

Thanks! :D

Ahh ty! not surprised we have a similar taste in movies haha and oo i wanna try playing it with that song in the background now, it's such a beautiful track! 

Thanks for checking it out!!

Thanks Mengqi !! :) 

Thanks so much for playing! We just fixed the bug haha

Hey, thanks for letting us know! I think the UI isn't working for certain aspect ratios, is there any chance you could send us your screen resolution?  We'll try and have it fixed soon!

Thanks for the info! We'll try and have it fixed soon! :b

Thanks so much for doing a lets play!

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Oh! I think you may have downloaded an early build of the game, we've fixed some of the UI if you'd like to give it another try! Thanks for doing a lets play :)

Thanks so much for playing!

Thanks for playing! :D


Thanks for playing!! :)

ty! haha

Thanks! :D

Best game of the year

NGE and blink-182 in the same game?  5/5


haha thanks for playing, i really appreciate it!!  ^-^

hahaha thanks so much for playing!!  my friends and i were cracking up so hard watching your playthrough