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I don't know what the difference is but when I went to try the Terminal command I first had to reinstall the app (because I had deleted it after it didn't work). I downloaded it from the itch app, not the webpage and after I got the app from the .dmg it ran perfectly, no errors what so ever. Then I tried to do the same thing with the one online, it raised the same error it had earlier. The only difference was from where I downloaded it. If anyone else has the same problem they should try downloading Tilemancer from the app and it might avoid the error.

I'm glad you liked the progression. I agree that changing the asteroid spawn locations as the game went on would have been a good idea. Thanks for the feedback!

I really liked this. I thought that the particles were good, and the controls were just hard enough that it felt really good when you mastered them.

Not as far as I know, you could try though.

Try right-clicking on the file and selecting open, then when another pop up comes up select open again.

Nope, I tried installing old mac versions, with no luck, I tried installing old and new Windows versions with Wineskin, also  with no luck. All the applications just give some variation on the error message, "This application is broken, close or move to trash".

True, very true.

The controls aren't actually that bad. I don't know what everyone's complaining about.

I know that it's not in development any more but I figured I should still say something. On mac when I went to open the app it said that 

“Tilemancer” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.

Clearly there is a problem. If anyone has a solution please help, it looks like a really helpful tool.

I really enjoyed this game! It was great!

I really like the animations! Good job!

Thank you!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I liked it but I couldn't really tell how it related to the theme.


It was kinda hard to tell what the player was meant to do. I loved the graphics though.

Good, I'm glad it works, I'm sorry that it's so short, I didn't have much time for level design.


Nice job!

I loved this game. It didn't have a single problem!

Overall I like the game a lot but I would really like if you could use your bow when you were moving instead of just when you're standing still.

This game is great! I really enjoyed the art style, the sound (music/sfx), and the feel of the movement. My only request is that you add an introduction level. I was slightly confused at the beginning about what different things did and an explanation would have been helpful.

Please make Mac build!! (Or HTML)

try to dodge the ball, it's like the inverse of pong



Thats a pretty nice game, I think it would be even better though if you added animations when the character walks and whatnot. Good job!