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Hi there,

As far as I know it won’t work on a chromebook :)

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Hey there!

The reason is that the current version requires steam for stuff like the Puzzle DLC and Achievements. Since the version is not really selling a lot of copies, I instead offer to exchange it for a steam key after purchase if you want to upgrade to the newest version. Just forward your purchase confirmation to ~~~@~~~~~ (redacted) :)

Hope that makes sense!

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Current plan is that it is steam exclusive, but you can email your purchase confirmation to ~~~~~@~~~~~ (redacted) to exchange it for a steam key! :)

Looks cool!

1.1.17 already added a colorblind mode :)

We are at 1.1.13 and thats the files available for download here :)

You can also send me your purchase confirmation which you received via email :)

Sorry for the late reply - @kislatomte can you send me an email to

Yeah sorry, but steam has some annoying linux requirements :/

Send me an email with your download key to :)

Yes :)

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Factorio :)

Update to the lastest version, it has a different symbol now :)

Not planned, at least for now

I have updated the description to make it more clear that if you have an key, you can convert it to a steam key (This has always been the case)

I’ll have to check, probably yeah, but not on launch - Needs some testing first :)

Yes :)

Cool! Just DM me then

Hey, which operating system do you use?

Could you maybe join the discord so I can have a closer look? :)

Hm, did you compile it yourself at some point?

How much disk space do you have remaining? Are you on windows or Linux?

Nice! So far there have been no other complaints as well, so I guess I could remove the experimental status

Hey, whats the exact error message?

You can install it via the client to have it auto updated :)

Planned :)

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I will send out an Email once it’s ready :)

This can happen with certain combinations of upgrade levels and I am already working on a. Fix :)


I recommend to join the discord server :)

If you are past level 12, try re-importing the game, then it should work

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Thanks! Replied to them :)


Have you tried holding CTRL and then selecting an area? You can then press ‘C’ to copy it.

Yeah I have some ideas about this :) No concrete plans when this will happen though

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There is a very active discord community :) I am also available on that server most time of the day and respond to everything. I feel like that’s a bit faster than a forum

Ahh, yeah that totally explains it. I fixed your savegame and replied to your email :)

Could you send me the savegame to then? Were you playing on the beta?

Blueprints are now in as of 1.1.0! :)

1.1.0 just added blueprints! :)

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The 1.1.1 update just fixed this :)

Thanks! For now there are no enemies, since I try to be as minimalistic as possible