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Mind if I compile this for the raspberry pi and release it (will give credit)?

Probably not a good idea, the game uses unity: which is notorious for bad preformance on 3DS (because it is not designed to work with 512mb of ram).

:) thanks it is unfinished though.... I will try and get some updates out soon.

Thanks, sorry that I couldn't finish it though.

Was supposed to be a sort of task completion game, but ran out of time....

Sorry, ran out of time and scrapped that mechanic, thanks for the enthusiam though.

Okay, thanks

Okay, thanks

I was wondering if a hand switching mechanic is allowed during this jam. 

Ok, Thanks.

Would you mind making a quick tutorial for your game engine, new to C/C++ and would like to learn how to use your engine to make homebrew, thanks.

Thanks! I


 I am currently using a copy of unity that can export for 3DS but am having compatibility problems.

How did you port it?

How did you make a .cia file, and which game engine are you using?

I played the free online beta. Great game!!

Thank you

Nice! How did you make the spaceship garage scene, I am working on a game but am having trouble on the garage...

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this works on any hard surface that is close to the boat