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You were right. I had completely forgotten about his first request. I managed to finish the game. Good stuff. Looking forward to what you do next!

I'd love to be able to beat this game but I can't  find the last piece no matter what I do. It's the 1st piece. Is it related to the code the radio spews from time to time? Because I can't understand what is being said. Can you give me a hand?

I found the game to be quite enjoyable and got all endings (and variations)! Great writing although I did notice some letters were capital when they shouldn't be. Was that intentional? They were mostly the letter P, if I recall correctly. I still don't exactly know what's happening even though I have some ideas.  I'd really love to know your thoughts on the story and characters as well as what the true endings mean to you

Overall, I enjoyed my time playing. Good job!