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With this update, this has become my third favorite NSFW game on here(behind Lessons in Love and Hero's Harem Guild, but those are hard to beat).   Although   most     of    that comes   from   the potential   of the   game   rather   than   everything   in   it   currently.   There's   still   too  little   stuff   for it    to   really   be   great,   but   as   long   as it keeps being developed, there's no doubt it won't be amazing.

Thanks for this cause now I have an excuse to restart from the beginning and fix Rin's storyline.

I wish I could pay you money, cause at this point I feel like I'm pirating, but sadly I'm a broke simp unable to pay their E-girl.

So now that chapter 2's done, I just want to put all my eggs into one basket, both the absolutely shining pieces of golden eggs laid by the most pristine of geese, and also the eggs that went slightly rotten due to being left out in the sun for too long. This will also contain some spoilers so I highly recommend for people to play the game up to the latest event added. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

First, I want to just get all my negatives out. The puzzles are one of two of my biggest problems with the game. To be perfectly fair here, the only reason I have a problem with the puzzles is because of how the game is released. Updates come by monthly, and the puzzles require for people to know about specific details about events that happened months prior due to the release schedule, which leads to people forgetting stuff. This wouldn't be a problem for someone playing through and binging all the chapters in one sitting, but as someone who keeps up with the game as it releases new updates, it grows kind of frustrating to have to remember things from scenes I played months ago which I never even identified as important. Now this isn't me saying that the puzzles should be made easier. In fact, they're fine as they are. It's just the combination of release schedule and what the game asks for me to do can give off some frustrated feelings every now and again. 

The second negative I have about the game is the sex scenes. To be perfectly honest, I'm not here for those scenes, but they're really bad when they do occur, specifically the animated scenes. They aren't really optional either since for some events on some characters right now, they're lust level needs to be up to a certain level to hit the mark for some events. The animations are incredibly robotic to the point that there's like only two things going on in the scenes at a time. I know the author of the game doesn't want to focus on those scenes, but since they're needed to progress in some areas, it would be nice to at least have something interesting to look at during them. At least the dialogue during the scenes are spot on.

Which brings me to the positives. The dialogue in this game is, as I said, spot on. The characters have this life to them thanks to the fact that their dialogue is spot on to their characters. The characters themselves are top tier. I don't hate any of them. My least favorite character right now is Ayane, but that's mainly because there hasn't been to much with her, but as chapter 2 has shown, that's going to change. Also I'm fucking scared that my favorite character just got killed. For the love of god I need to know what the fuck is going on there. Please chapter 3, just have Maya sitting on the ground out of camera sight. Please? I don't want her gone. 

Which I wouldn't be so invested into these characters if it weren't for the story. If Ami, Ayane, and Yumi were in different games, they would be incredibly generic because this story seems to revolve around taking generic archetypes of porn characters, then putting them in a realistic setting and see how they react. Then all thats needed is a dash of horror tinged fantasy, or sci-fi, or whatever the fuck is going on here, and you got yourself an amazing story. The twists in this game is comparable to some of the best twists I've seen from Attack on Titan. I am not joking when I say that. This author has a vision for a story, and god damn am I impressed by what their mind has come up with. An example would be sensei's journal, and how it turns out that Maya had been the one who left it there. I did not see that coming at all. I'm so invested that I began theorizing, though I'm pretty sure none of them are good.

Lastly there's the presentation of the game. I know I ripped on the sex scenes and how they're basically piss poor, but everything else in splendid. I know this game just looks like another generic anime porn game, but once you actually play the game, you realize that itself was intentional. It lulls the player into a false sense of security until - BAM - room of clocks. This has among the best presentation I've seen of these types of visual novels. 

The author has a vision here and I cannot wait for chapter 3. I'm guessing there's going to be a total of five chapters where there's two rounds of summer and winter until the fifth chapter where shit goes down. I've been reading shakespeare recently, and the game reminds me of how he would layer his plays. Act 1 is always the introduction, Act 2 is the rising action, Act 3 is the climax, Act 4 is the falling action, and Act 5 is the resolution. I'm guessing the game is going to take a similar path to that. Or I could be wrong, this is merely a guess. 

Also for the love of god Maya please be okay.

God I hope not.

Honestly, I would love to replay the game again since I fucked up Rin's story so if I can do that while having new content, it'll be great. I do have a question though. Is the content already available, or will it be administered through small updates over time? Or will it come with one big update. I'm really excited for chapter 3 and am scared as hell for what's about to happen to my favorite character in the game.

I'm pretty sure thats a patreon exclusive thing. He most likely included it to entice people to donate to his patreon.

Is there going to be exhibitionism added to the game.  I thought it was added and I would try to leave the home and she would go back to the wardrobe.  I thought that maybe my confidence needed up a lot so I did that and there was even a choice to have clothes on or off which I picked off and it would still send me to the wardrobe.  So is it just walk around home exhibitionism or are you planning on adding much more risky versions later.

Certain events are missable but not all.  All lust events are missable, one character event is missable, and one happy event is missable.  The wiki explains how to not miss them if your wondering, it usually is just you don't the the characters stats high enough, or you didn't fullfill the requirements.

In total i'd say I have an hour of 10 hours playtime.  It is definitely using all 3 GB and the game is obviously not even close to done and it has such high quality

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Really i wouldn't say its scary as much as just disturbing and creepy which is what a good psychological horror should have.  The unsettleness really comes down to the background noise and how the game describes what is happening to your character and other character which really compliments what is shown on screen.  DDLC is babies first visual novel but this game takes the concept of DDLC and justt runs with it and makes it genuinlly creepy even after the curtains are pulled back on what type of game this truly is.

Sorry about the long reply I just really adore this game, not just as a porn game, but the game as a whole. 

no you don't get locked out of it it just changes how Rin thinks about you as a person which will probably cut out a few CG's(haven't checked yet cause I'm not going that far back until i've completed the game in entirety once its fully released), but you can still do her events.  

The relationship with the mc and Iris has to be the most adorable thing ever.  I actually saved the kissing scenes just cause of how wholesome and adorable their relationship was and man Syko whoever the flying fuck you are you know how to make me care about people.

Yeah I fucking felt like a dick after that whole event.  Thing is though because of how the game works with how you have to do certain girls events to progress in the main events I thought I had to do the Chika events to move on even though I knew about Rin's feelings at the time.

I felt like such a complete dick during Chikas lust scenes but I had to get the game going.  Imagine my surprise when I figured out I didn't need to progress with Chika in order to continue.  But I did it and I usually stick through my mistakes in the first playthrough, but once the entire game is out and I play through till the end, you bet I'm replaying the shit out of this game just to mend all my fucking dumbass mistakes.

I like the game and all but im confused by one thing.  How can I bring the confidence stat up .  Ive tried almost everything and I have no clue how to bring it up.

it means update.  The game isn't finished and updates around every month from what I've played.  Although if you join his/her patreon then you should be able to get updates early.

Thanks I got it.  I just really needed help cause I guess I dont retain information well and couldn't remember what I needed for it.  

can someone help me with There is Nothing event.  Ive rewatched all the happy scenes and wrote down every number i saw, Ive reheard the same message thing for hours and nothing Ive been doing is working.  I really like this game and I don't want to stop just because Im too stupid to figure out a puzzle so can someone help.  At least a hint to point me in the right direction would be fine, I just want to continue and finish the rest of the stuff so I can be ready for the next update.

can you give me a hint as to wtf im supposed to do.  Ive rewatched all the happy scenes and wrote every number I saw, I reheard the same message for an hour, and Ive searched the room several times for a hint and nothing.  I just want to know a hint that can push me in the right direction.  I really like this game and dont want to stop just because Im too stupid to figure out a puzzle

Theres a wiki for how to trigger events if you get stuck.  An option to get there should be in the games save and load screen.

Heart level five is just maxed heart level four.  As for the egg I have no clue.  Ive been trying ot unlock forever and nothing.  I dont even have a clue as to how to unlock it

Question Im new to this site so I want to know if I had downloaded a previous update then how do I update it without having to redownload it and do everything over again.  Sorry if this is a stupid question I just dont know.

dude its a dating sim porn game.  What were you expecting.

I've went by 2 in game weeks and i'm still waiting  

for  her to hit lvl 5.  How  long does it normally take.