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Thanks for catching that bug! As for auto-fire, there might indeed be some later levels where you want to shoot a bit more carefully, but we’ll include a toggle mode for the A button in the final release :)

We’re trying our best for a release this fall, but I can’t provide an exact date yet :)

Voidblazers will initially launch on itch, but we’ll explore the possibility of a Catalog release once we’ve finished development :)

Thank you!

No worries, just figured to ask since you released a couple of cross-platform games in the past. A Linux build would be great too!

I’m not sure what engine you used here, but would you be able to (easily) add a Mac build for this game still? :)

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Hi, it seems Sokoflan 10 ended up being a little bit more challenging than I’d aimed it to be, sorry about that :’)


You’ll need to move the box at the top 1 space to the right, and then move the box at the left to the starting position of the box at the top (so 1 up and 1 to the right).

(moves: luluurRllddrUluR)

That should hopefully send you in the right direction. If you’re still stuck after that, this video by gogamego shows the full solution at about 14m:

Hi! The browser emulator uses X and Z for the A an B buttons respectively :)

Hi, thanks for playing and your kind words! The number of obstacles is indeed randomised (up to 4). The algorithm tries to come up with some clever placements, but sometimes you’ll end up with an easier map :)