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The controls felt really good to master. They started out feeling a bit stiff but once you get the hang of combining the movement and the emergency breaks it is really satisfying to maneuver quickly. The music fits the atmosphere really well and has nice pacing to it. The 2.5D look is really nice and nostalgic.

I saw a comment about the difficulty curve becoming a bit flat. I think this is true once you get sufficiently comfortable with the controls. Maybe gradually giving the player less and less time with each purple computer screen they get could add to the tension and difficulty. Right now it seems the amount of time you get for each computer is based on how far the next computer is. Maybe having a few enemies (robots?) with their own movement patterns would also increase difficulty. I'm sure you had these or similar ideas and I know jams don't always leave time for everything we want to add to a game.

Overall, a strong game and a pleasurable experience.

My high score was 138. This was fun!