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For example, would he try to beat the lion with the chicken?

I expected that the character would do less predictable things, so I expected a level of humor and cleverness beyond what happened. But it was still fun to go through.

Why can't I control the original trucks? I tried clicking by instructions, but it seems I could only place later trucks. I almost gave up on it entirely the first time. Other than that, I really enjoyed the concept and somewhat the execution.

Too hard, but fun otherwise. Great visuals!

My favorite game so far out of the first 10-15 or so.

Too hard for my skillz, but I liked it otherwise.

I couldn't make sense of it.

Literally LOL'd.

The AI was too easy, but I got the hang of the game pretty quick, and it seemed interesting.

And yes, having to scroll way down for each next instruction was a pain, but I understand that wasn't the intention.

The RC car got stuck on me for a while at the end, but other than that I had a lot of fun with this. Great game!

Thanks much for the feedback!

Great concept! I wasn't quite sure what to do at first, and it was hard for me. But I still really like it.

I love the giant fox!

Fun game! Sometimes the bounce angles were different than I expected, but I still liked it. I wish it were longer!

Super cute award! Thanks for the encouragement. And I did submit a game! Thanks, friend!

Super great game and design! Very fun!

Thanks for the feedback!

I like it. (I'm not very good at arcade, though, so I wish it wouldn't attack me so early. Maybe just get faster over time?)

Great work! (A button closer to WASD for level starting rather than Enter would be good, though.)

More info: The dust effect when looking at ground is super important and a great choice.

Camera only one direction is like Super Mario Bros 1. But the back wall is new, and I liked how you used it.

That's what happened to me, too. I tried getting on to the last platform. Not sure if that would have helped, but I failed before timeout anyway.

Very nice!