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Thanks for the report! I have an idea of what the issue might be. I will try to test it in the next few days and get a patch out.

Just to be sure, have you tried with another controller and changing the "sensitivity" in the settings?

sorry about that, there is one last thing that could work, but it would compromise the visuals of the game (and might be buggy). If you go to the windows search bar and type "%appdata%" you can go to Local>Ato>BETAv0config. 

If you edit the line that says shaders="1.000000" and change it to shaders="0.000000" that might turn off the effects.

sure go ahead, the only other thing I can think of to try and help is to lower the resolution of the game and turn off vsync.

I'm sorry to hear that, the game kind of needs a good computer to run it.

try going to settings>graphics and turning the grass performance down

Probably only bug fixes for now, just want to make sure the game is stable and complete for release.

Hey thanks for checking it out, I really appreciate it. I'll definitely look into seeing if I can tweak the run charge ability to start up a bit faster.

I love it, also what's with the eggplant and foxtail?

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I played through the demo, I liked how stuff like the springs launch the barrels at enemies. The only bug I really found was when you select an entry at the file screen (while the pen is writing) you can still freely change selections.

It's a catastrophe! Time as we know it is falling apart! Everyone is stuck in a time loop, repeating the same 20 seconds over and over. Play as Viktor and collect resources to repair the time tear and bring order back to our world.

When you run out of time, you lose everything...except the permanent upgrades that you've obtained.

This project was created for the Global Game Jam 2020, following the theme of "Repair".

"gumm gumm!"

I just downloaded your open source, thank you for doing that. The game is pretty fun and challenging but also not too difficult.

That was entertaining! I enjoyed watching you play and commentate Astuka!

Hey guys this is Brandon and I'm working on a top down shooter. Feel free to check out the pc demo at the game page.

A Top Down Shooter, where you play as a felon who is given a chance to be excused for his crimes. Use lethal and/or nonlethal weaponry to clear out a hotel full of terrorists. A game where there’s no “right” way to play (unless you’re ruthlessly murdering innocent people ( know who you are...)).

Despite that, there are consequences, and the public and media will have...strong opinions about how you are approaching the problems you’re presented.

The game is influenced by Earthbound/Mother series, Deus Ex and Hotline miami.

I updated the demo, it shouldn't happen anymore.

Hmm the level with the blue birds? is this the demo?