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Unreal Engine. All of the environments are from the Unreal marketplace so it's almost definitely made in it.

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it! (we would have had more things but we ran out of time, still pleased with what we made though!)

There was supposed to be some more gameplay but we ran out of time. Thanks for the feedback though! I'm glad that everyone has still enjoyed the game even in its simple state!

After finishing this game, the concept of mixing pigments is really fun and made for a really enjoyable puzzle game! In the last level it was slightly frustrating due to a bug where when I switched to yellow I couldn't move after joining pigments, but overall the controls felt responsive and the level design as well as the quantity of levels for a 48 hour game jam is impressive. Well done! You could even expand this idea further by having each colour have different properties, like for example one that can jump higher but is slower, one that moves fast but has a small jump etc.. 

I've started playing your game and it's really interesting and fun! I've bookmarked it so I can come back to it tomorrow to finish and rate it as it's almost 3am in the UK and I should probably sleep. 

Wow thanks for the high praise! I'm glad you enjoyed it! The main reason for all the bugs is that the 1.0 version for the jam was built 5 minutes before 7pm so we had no time to playtest the new changes (this was because a new script that was supposed to randomise car models ended up breaking everything so we had to revert changes which took a while to implement, therefore not allowing time for bug fixes). I think the main problem was simply the fact that this is mine and my brothers first 48 hour game jam but we've had a ton of fun making it! After the voting period is over we'll release an update with the main game breaking bugs fixed and a few extra features, so feel free to play that when that releases!  

Yeah that was due to us running out of time. We had a goal planned where you'd gain points from smashing the boulder into cars, and lose lives when crashing your car. Thanks for the feedback! (We are adding to the game so it will be updated once the voting period is over)

I would send a team of specialists to help stop you playing, but I'm afraid they're already addicted, glued to their screens, eternally.... 

This game is really polished, unique, great looking and most importantly fun! For a game made in 48 hours this is great! (btw I did find a bug where I ended up out of bounds, screenshots attached. Not sure exactly why it happened or if you are aware of it, but I think it was caused by the character I was attached to dying as I walked into a wall.)

SO satisfying to play. I love it so much. 

Really enjoyed this! Such an interesting puzzle game. (And also I absolutely love any kind of liquid physics in games)

Difficult but fun!

I've managed to replicate the bug again and recorded it too. Hopefully it can help!

Fun game! Did run into what I think is a bug though were I got what I think is placeholder text. (image below)

Very confusing controls at first, but once I understood what was going on it was quite fun! There is a glitch where when you spam space it causes many duplicates to fly everywhere, but I understand that when there is only 48 hours you can't iron out all bugs, so well done!

Turns out it was just a box I had to tick in the settings and a viewport resolution I had to change....


Hahaha I think this comment sums up the game perfectly! Thanks for the feedback!

I really love the art in the game, and the gameplay itself is fun, but I feel the tether didn't add too much of an extra challenge as I could just walk in the opposite direction of the pull and not get pulled much. Maybe if the tether had a max length that shortened as your score went up, therefore confining you to a smaller area and making it harder could work well. 


Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it!

I really enjoyed the visuals, they look great! The music also really fits the gameplay and the controls feel responsive and satisfying, however the gameplay itself was somewhat confusing.

Turns out I just forgot to change the viewport settings in the submission page in my rush to get it submitted!

Wow this is so fun. It's a challenging game but it's fun to fail in so I was having fun even though I'm terrible at it. The story is also super cute and the art style is aesthetically pleasing. Well done! I've really enjoyed playing so thanks for making it.

I like what you have decided  to do for the theme! Very unique. The game is quite simple but kept me entertained for a few minutes which is exactly what you want a game jam game to do! Well done!

I love how polished the final game is! The controls feel nice and each puzzle made me think a lot (I'm not particularly good at puzzle games but I managed to get through it in the end!)

In that case I'll show you one of the bugs that happened during testing that we found funny!

Very Enjoyable! The level designs and art style are super nice! Interesting idea as well. For constructive feedback, I'd say the robot sometimes gets stuck on items, but for a 48 hour game jam it's great!


I really love the art style! Also the game itself is fun to play.

There is currently an issue with the camera that isn't a problem in Unity. It's broken in the build for some reason and didn't have time to fix it.

Literally have no idea why the camera is so broken in this build.

Very Nice!

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Most important change you need to make in my opinion is to add a checkpoint system. Having to redo the tutorial level over and over again is really annoying. I did like the puzzles though!