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You SIr are our heroe... I really  wish that this will get finished. Hugs from Toledo, Spain and may the Force always be with you!

lol, because its fallout vegas mod :D

This is incredible, but knowing Disney, they probably will shut you down. They are destroying everything, which arent done by themself I only say KOTOR remake, or DARK FORCES :( 

We have ended the Fourth Chapter, although we also make Movies thats why everything is so slow. Still we dont want Early Access, we think it should be for free :) 

Nice :)

So much potential, and this stupid I or O make it all difficult to play.Its a shame really , because I really would love to play this game.
W A S D would be better!

Nice comment, I like it.

Amazing... Shito Ryu 2Dan and Shotokan Bron Belt here :) 

Thanks friend

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Hey, its the first time that i cried to an indi game and to a short one... this guy could be me... the end is really sweet.. well written and well done. Its totally real, and i like this real inmersion. Thanks friend, thank you for doing this game, i will look into more of your works..
I am a filmmaker, well at least i try, and this genre Drama romance etc ist my real doing. I enjoy scifi and historical movies too but romance and drama is my life.. thanks friend


A little bit of spam i guess but so you know why i like this kind of things and i confess i am a little soft lately:

This is really nice, and what i need after so much stress.. I imagine this when i die, the voyage to another dimension. Thanks friend! Hugs from Spain

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This has so much potential.. please keep polish it.. its really awesome!!! I have a lot of respect for indigamedevelopers like you. I am just a noob lol :D hugs from Spain :) PD: By the way, I am also a huge fan of Mass Effect ;) I like your eastereggs hahaha

Yes of course, thats why I was talking about :)

The concept is not bad, but you need to choose (or work) on a better soundtrack. Music is everything (also visualization).

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Wow, amazing concept my friend!

I like your Style friend, hugs

Hey thats really nice from you. Indeed its a bit difficult to choose only one Genre, because you cannot imagine the next chapters :) A lot of noir is indeed there. 1940s-1950s style. We really try hard not to go too much into scifi, but more into real content.. well.. what is real what is not, we still think Area51 was for real. But we have also a lot of interest into the former Neocons, Illuminati, etc and who are behind all of this. Thank You my friend and hugs from VDA Studio :)

Please, give us your Opinions and your Suggestions.  They are very Important to us!


"A young soldier begins the adventure of his life, uniting with a secret organization that aims to save humanity."

What happens when a Filmmaker and a Programmer come together? They make a Filmgame.

Please give us feedback, we really want to know what you think about this Demo, Hugs,

Tino Trivino