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Yep, it works now! Thank you!

I have attempted disconnecting from the Internet by unplugging my Ethernet cable. The game caused Steam to launch with my stored credentials but was unable to do anything that required Internet access. (Displaying the store page, showing the status of people on my friends list, etc.) The same error about not having a license popped up.

I do not have another computer at my disposal to attempt running the game there to see what happens.

Trying to run the Windows executable results in the game attempting to get itself to run through Steam, which results in the message "Failure no licenses" to be displayed by Steam. Trying to run the game while Steam isn't running causes Steam to launch.

Trying to acquire a Steam key from the Itch purchase page returns the error message "There are no keys available at this time, try again later."

Unfortunately I'm still getting this error in version 1.2 as well. I tried resaving the troll after loading the original save file but even the resaved one causes the crash. Starting a new character, saving that, then loading it doesn't cause the Crash On Default Reset bug.

And thanks for all the other fixes and changes in 1.2! The asset sheets in particular are a fantastic resource.

Bug reports: Bottom #97 seems to have an errant marking that shows up right below the neck. Most top options cover it up but it's noticeable if tops are set to #0 and it can also be seen in the preview area in the tinting menu.

The arrows for selecting the background skip over option #0.

This is perhaps less of a bug and more of a lack of clear usability but the help menu mentions an icon of a white paint can that can color multiple items simultaneously. I only see the red paint can for coloring a specific item.

Suggestions: Scrolling through each option one by one is a little tiring and even more so when there's dozens and hundreds of options. I know I can jump to a specific number by clicking the number box but I think it would be great if there was a scrollable menu that showed several items at once.

It would be nice if more of the accessories could be broken out into their own sections. I'd like to equip both a pair of glasses and the pride pins.

That's not me, I was in the audience at the time and thought you should know about this.

I'm stuck on the question about pineapples at the start because I can't figure out which key is bound Confirm. I figured out that A and D toggle the selection which suggests an FPS-like WASD scheme but I've tried just about every nearby key. It's not E, F, Z, X, C, Space, Tab, Control, Shift, or any other key that would comfortably be in reach.

It might be due to the game page not having platform tags defined. Adding Windows (and any other applicable platforms) might fix the issue.

Can you add platform tags to the page so the game can be downloaded through the Itch app?

You need to add the platform the game runs on to the store tags to make the game downloadable through the Itch app.

You simulate going on friend dates. Seems accurate to me!

Are there plans for more chapters or was this a one-and-done situation?

Thank you all for this! I read Homestuck up until late 2010 or early 2011. (After Hivebent but some point before the dancestors and alphas were introduced.) It was only last year when I heard about June and her canonization that I decided to go back and finish it, since having realized I was a trans woman myself just a few years prior to that.

Here's to her inevitable official appearance! (And oh gosh do I hope she kisses another girl)

May I ask of you to add platform tags to the game's page? The Itch desktop app uses them to detect if there's a system compatible download available.

It is! Thank you so much! :D

Hello! Can you please tag the page with the operating systems platforms so I can download the game through the Itch app? Thank you!

The download appears to be missing.

May I request that you add platform tags to the page? The Itch desktop app uses those to detect if a game can be downloaded.

I mean the intermission credits like the ones you provided screenshots of. 

I'm probably doing something wrong but I can only get credits for Doom 2.

Oh crap, new bug. The game crashes whenever I try to load Doom 2 MAP16.

VM execution aborted: array access out of bounds. Max.index = 778, current index = 2491

Called from FriendlyMapCompat.HideLine at friendly.pk3:friendly_zscript/mapcompat.txt, line 36
Called from FriendlyMapCompat.RunMapCompat at friendly.pk3:friendly_zscript/mapcompat.txt, line 29
Called from FriendlyHandler.WorldLoaded at friendly.pk3:friendly_zscript/handler.txt, line 365

That's the only map I've seen with this error so far.

Yep, it's fine now! Haha, remarkable timing there, eh?

Bug report!

Script error, "friendly.pk3:friendly_zscript/ui.txt" line 1774:
Invalid statement
Script error, "friendly.pk3:friendly_zscript/quests.txt" line 36:
Invalid statement
Script error, "friendly.pk3:friendly_zscript/quests.txt" line 36:
Invalid statement
Script error, "friendly.pk3:friendly_zscript/quests.txt" line 132:
Invalid statement

Execution could not continue.

4 errors while parsing DECORATE scripts

This was when I tried to load the pk3 my dragging and dropping it onto gzdoom.exe. I'm on Windows 10 64-bit and using GZDoom v3.7.2 Modern 64-bit. I've tested with both Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 and the error shows up for both.

Hey, love the game and this story! I hope you don't mind that I want to point out a typo I found in One Year Later. On page 25: "you’ve only seen my in my house" I'm guessing it's meant to be "you’ve only seen me in my house."

Thank you!

Thank you for sharing your game with us!


Windows 10.

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Bug report! Every time I try to continue from the page with Marley swearing at the people faking smiles I crash. It's consistant. Everytime I click to the next page from there BAM I'm back at the desktop. If you need me to submit my save files or anything else then please don't hesiate to ask. I'm happy to help!

Is Jingle BEL/S included, will be patched in later, or will it be a stand alone game on Itch?

Hello, can you please add platform tags to the store page? The Itch desktop app uses those to check if there's a game to download. Thank you.

Hello, can you please add platform tags to the game page? The Itch desktop app uses those to identify if a game can be downloaded to the system it's installed on.

Thank you.

Hello! Can you please add platform tags to the store page? The Itch desktop app uses those to know there's a file to be downloaded for the computer it's installed on. Thank you!

Hello, may I inquire how the update is coming? I hope everyone on the team is doing well. Regardless of patch status, I wish you all a happy new year.

Of course! Your life is important and I would never want to steal your time away from you. I wish you well.

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In particular it's the text in the item information boxes, the mission descriptions, loading screen hints, objectives, and the options menu. The text in dialog scenes is just large enough for me to make out but I wouldn't mind if I could bump that up as well.

Thank you for listening.

I find on-screen text to be a bit too small for me to read without leaning forward. Can you add the option to increase the size of the font/UI/what have you?

I get there being different downloads for Windows, Mac, and Linux but what's the difference between the one called default and the other items with numbers on the end?