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great game! 1k run: 

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Cool! Made a playthrough video:

Happy birthday Dave!!

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Short playthrough video on's YouTube channel: 

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Great game! Made a 100% True End, All Hidden Pages playthrough. : )

Great game! We've posted a short playthrough video on's YouTube channel: 

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Great game! We've posted a full playthrough video with all hearts collected on's YouTube channel:

Great game! It's now featured on's front page.

We've also posted a full playthrough here: 

Great stuff! Anyone who's stuck, here's a full playthrough: 

Brilliant! Recorded a video: 

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Great stuff! Recorded a full playthrough:

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Brilliant stuff! We posted a playthrough on the channel: 

Looking forward to the full game!!

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Great stuff!

Here's how to fulfill Skully's wish: 

Brilliant! Did a playthrough: 

Fantastic stuff!!

Great stuff! Did a full playthrough: 

Great stuff! Here's a playthrough: 

Brilliant stuff! Here's a full playthrough: 

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Love it!!!

Recorded a full playthrough of the game here: 

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Fantastic stuff! Recorded a full playthrough of it with the secret ending:

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Brilliant game!!

Here's a complete walkthrough for anyone who's stuck:

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Bullet hell x minesweeper - fantastic mashup!

Here's a 1 minute speedrun of the game:

Great work! Really enjoyed it.

Posted a full playthrough here: 

Great stuff, thanks for making this!!

Here's a complete playthrough of The Devil:

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Fantastic as usual! 

Here's a playthrough of of the game:

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Great stuff!

Posted a video of the game here: 

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This is great! 

Made a video for it: 

Lovely short game!

Recorded a full playthrough here:

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Lovely game!

Posted a playthrough below: 

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Thanks for making this!

We've made a video showing how to get all of the endings (I hope!)

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about the game. Thank you for making this!

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Lovely! Posted a full playthrough video for anyone who is stuck at the game:

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We've posted up a full playthrough of the game below. Thank you!

Yes, a couple!