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Vile Escape is a zombie apocalypse top-down shooter. Players explore hand crafted levels while fighting through hordes of zombies to escape the infested area. Deadly zombies that explode and spit pools of acid await the player as they begin their escape. Will you escape?

Hey everyone! Thanks for taking the time to see what this game is about. Vile Escape was made by 10 university students in a period of four months. Development was harsh as we had a lot of setbacks but everyone did their absolute best and this is the result. I hope you enjoy enjoy the experience and have a blast destroying some of our... blocky zombies.


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Hi DannyJay!

Thanks for the feedback just a few questions for what you found.

1, Is there a specific area where the sliding occurred? Or is it just the general speed of the animations compared to the actual movement speed?

2, Are there specific scenes where the music is too loud?

3, Thanks for letting me know about a character not being selected by default I completely overlooked that. For the music is there just a delay or does it just not play at all?

4, Is the lighting issue with the entire scene or one specific spot?

Glad you enjoyed the game! And the bomb falling!