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Hey, just played the demo yesterday.  I'm really excited for the full release on the 21st.  I'm just curious what the rough playtime of the full game will be?  I was also wondering what the price will be.

Hey there Rifyrus.  I'm glad you liked it.  What would you like to see in terms of detail?  What area of the game currently is lacking the most detail?

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I really dig the style of your game, just wanted to give some feedback

  • I couldn't figure out why you would use the spin attack, didn't seem as useful as just shooting, looked neat though. 
  • From the screenshots it looked like there was more to the game than the first screen.  Maybe there is, but I had no idea how to progress.
  • I figured (at least I think I did) that the diamonds were breaking the tree looking cubes (the things that are obstacles) so I assumed that I was supposed to do that to move on, but nothing seemed to happen once I got rid of them all.  
  • There was also no visual feedback that the tree things were getting damaged, so I couldn't tell if they were just disappearing on their own, or if I was actually getting the enemies to destroy them.
  • I have no clue what the paper airplane looking things are supposed to be, or do.
  • Also when I finished dealing with everything, I got confuzed and just started moving around the screen without a care for what happened to my character, then the game froze up.  I'm assuming you're using GameMaker, and it seemed like the game got stuck in a while loop or something like that.  Since there was no error report, and the game became completely unresponsive.

Keep up the work.

Thanks dawg!  The lines are a visual effect that I put in.  I'll probably remove them in the next patch, since they're mostly a holdover from old plans I had with the design which have since been scrapped. 

As for making new levels I'm not quite sure how long it'll be till that happens.  I'm working on opimization improvements at the moment and after that I planned on getting the writing done for the project.  Might squeeze in a new level with some new baddies though, don't know yet.

Tell me how the second level goes.  Just about every playtester seems to like that one better than the first.

Yup, looks like it works for me now.  Thanks for making the change. 

Hey I was wanting to try out your game, but it looks like I can't download it through the itch app.  It just says "not available for windows" where the download should be.  It works fine if I download it through chrome.  Just figured I'd let you know that people using the app can't download it.

Yo I like the game, thought it was a really neat concept.  

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Incredibly fun.  I would love to see more levels put into the game.   Adding a timer to have high scores would add some replayablity too (along with being able to replay levels).

Killer 2017 community · Created a new topic Bugs

It doesn't seem like the options button works.  When I clicked on the options button the letters just danced around the screen and the game just stood there unresponsive moving the letters around, had to exit out using the windows 'X' button.

Played through and beat up to tower 7.  I kinda wish that there were some ways to customize the controls.  I usually have movement on the left side of the keyboard even if it's a keyboard only game and was disappointed at the lack of freedom in those options.  

I really enjoyed the difficulty of the later levels and the introduction of new mechanics in what was otherwise a fairly simple game.  

Keep up the good work.