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Hi mate! Thank you very much, I really appreciate your comment. I'm still proud of this project it was a lot of fun to make.

I am really sorry to hear you encountered that bug, I was playing it with a friend of mine the other day and encountered the same thing. Very annoying. 

I used a custom created level design kit a friend of mine made based of the Advanced Locomotion System. But there is a more complete version you can buy with loads of guns and better AI. I own it and was planning on using it for this jam but ran into a lot of packaging errors so decided to go back to my friends version.

Advanced Locomotion System (What my fiend based his one on):

The full version (The more developed one):

Ok thanks for letting me know.

Awesome man! Cool visuals! My high score is 1300!

High score: 850, I'll be honest I'm pretty proud of that. Really nice work Henry!

Totally agree with Joe here the music is very epic! Great work guys! PS I love the team selfie

Nice stuff mate. The light being linked with the player health is good thinking.

Really solid high quality prototype, nice work on the animations and the menus.

Nice work matt! Welcome Home Child

Thank you so much mate! I'm about to play your game now.

Really fun little game. Pretty much no bugs and a good handful of levels.

Interesting project, one of those ideas that come down to the execution and I think you guys did pretty well! I never actually managed to drop any of my passengers off, in my defence I did try 5 times and the last was successful but the game crashed so.. oh well. A free roam mode might be cool, I muted the game and blasted some Spotify playlists and played like for probably like 20 mins (felt like Baby Driver) very cool. Nice one guys!

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Hi Henry. Nice to see a fellow UOG Studnet! Nice submission man, I like the isometric blocky art style. 

(Contains SPOILERS) Really nice choice of music guys creates a calming atmosphere. The game itself is an easy-to-understand and creative use of the theme. There is even some nice designed pacing in there! I loved the bit where I discovered that I could charge the jump. I'm not sure if there was an official ending but when I got to the circle of lily pads I didn't know where to go from there. I did manage to somehow launch my frog into otter space and he reached the green planet, I have no idea if that was what was intended to happen or not but I took it as a fitting end to my frog's adventure.