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Thank you for letting me know! 

Wow it seemed super slow on your pc D=. It was much faster on the systems we had it tested on, sorry you had to suffer through snail speed. :(

Actually if you use the middle value dwarf (50g) you can earn 90 g if you time it right, meaning if it kills 4 green and then one purple goblin. 

Taking damage from previous fights does not reduce the attack points, so strategy like that can be used.

Much appreciated!

Thanks you for the feedback! It was our first time making a game on our own and we have no clue about proper balancing. If you have any tips, we'd appreciate to hear about them so we can update the math for the post jam version!

Thanks! We will definitely look into if the x2 speed button is not enough after the jam ends. :)

This game makes me realize once again why I do not drive. Haha!! Brilliant fun and mayhem! Graphically super clean, always love a good pixel style game.  

All in all, super fun, definitely going to play more!

Halloween content added:

(4 edits)

Decoration tiles are as follows

Do you feel like this pack could benefit from something new?
Please post your suggestions below. Please be as specific as you can, examples are welcome. Please no NSFW requests.

Please note that I will make and add the tiles to the already existing set, but I am not obliged to make every single thing that is requested/suggested.

(6 edits)

Terrain tiles overview- please note there are a lot of connector tiles I have not included on the images that help keep the outline of the trail intact. 

If you find any tile missing, please contact me.

Thank you very much for the kind comment! Regardless of the result, I am super happy with what we managed to create in such a short time. 

A little bit confusing at first with what seemed to be multi layer crafting recipes. But it's a nice fan version of the ovecooked style game. Good job!

A very nice beginning for a potentially amazing rougelike. Big respect for the amount of work put into this.

The graphics are superb, I would have preferred jump button to be space, but that's just a tiny unimportant detail. Hope you will keep working on this game to make it even more epic!

This is a really neat idea for a game aimed at streamers. Good job on making it in such a short time!

Cute game but a bit hard to control the character. Would really like to see further improvements!

This is great! Another hit of nostalgia from the black and white letter shooting games! Wonderful modern take on the game mechanic. Simply wonderful!

Who wouldn't want to be this cat. Great job on the game! Was good fun!

That.Was.Intense! Simple graphics, but they pack a punch! Seriously fun game for when you just want to blow something up. 

As a city builder addict, this is right up my alley. Great game, cant wait to play it more and figure out all the finer details. 

Very cute little game.  A nice challenge in simple format. 

Great art in a very nice retro color palette. The gameplay is very fun and i can see a lot of replayability potential. Great game!

This game gave me nostalgia. I didn't understand the scoring method, but nonetheless, great job, keep at it! 

Very nice digging mechanic. Would make for a cool treasure hunting game. Would love to see a longer version of this game!

This was really fun! A little hard to place character to dig, but easier after each try!

Short and sweet. The art is very good, the movement animation is a bit off tempo and I wish there was more content! :D 

The aim of the game remained a bit vague, but overall a nice product. Keep working on it, this can be great fun!

This game is brilliant! The pixel art is next level! Overall a great hit!

A surprisingly difficult game. Absolutely adore the simple pixel style!

Such an amazing game. Graphics, sound and gameplay all are A+! Will definitely keep this to play again later!

Loved all the Yogscast references and tearing the place apart!  Also great singing! :D 

Couldn't do much to affect the game, but being chased by the Yogs Snowmen was hilarious. :D

Definitely worth polishing even after the jam is over. Played it for a couple of minutes and it was good fun. :)