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It has been an entire year since I released my very first game, Archer, a puzzle-like, physics-based speed-running game where you shoot arrows in a cave. Thanks to generous Twitch viewers and supporters, it has thus far made $175.50. This is nowhere near to covering the costs of development, which was approximately $2600 in time costs.

For the last 10 months, I have been working hard on a rocket-boosted racing game that has online multiplayer, drifting, big air, flips and tricks. 

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That is a great score and so far you take the top of the best score charts!

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Boo! Did I scare you? No need to be scared playing this Halloween game, riding a hexed broomstick through a cemetery filled with mobs of ghosts. Avoid as many as you can for a high-score!

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Thanks for the input, I have actually heard both of these points a fair bit and although I completely agree the 'aiming locked to certain points' feels a little odd, it was an intentional design decision because Archer is a puzzle shooter. It ensures that all screen resolutions can shoot all the targets, including trick shots, and that the trick shots are possible & easier to hit/aim for. There are some 25-35 possible shots vs 100s. But I agree, clunky.

Pulling the mouse into the screen to aim AT the mouse instead of pulling back was tested in development and felt weird to most players; The general consensus was it did not feel like a 'bow and arrow' mechanic.

I'd love to hear more about what feels slow, is it the transitions/walking from segment to segment, the enemies spawning? Arrow speed was set to give a bit more anticipation of hit/miss.

Later in the year Archer will receive an update to add some polish and improve the experience. What features / things would you like to see in this update?

Potential items:

  • Restart option in pause menu
  • Improved Level Select screen
  • Improved Resolution changing
  • Animated walk cycle for player
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Take on the role of a marksman Archer and adventure through Mount Doom's caverns. Careful, the slumbering dragon may not let you pass without first playing his games. Archery is a skill easy to learn yet difficult to master! Available on Windows, MacOS and Linux!