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Thanks! I am really happy with this little game

Indeed, a little more help with that would be nice. I have added it to my list for when I make any updates!

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I had to go into Security & Privacy to allow the application to run, but otherwise had no issues downloading from and running.
I am not an Apple Developer at this time, though I though Unity would support macOS as-is.

I assure you 100% of the content is original. My art capabilities still have some distance to go, but I do the best I can. If you wish to grab it for a $1 use this coupon, for the next few hours. Thanks for the feedback, I'll continue working on my art abilities.

Drive around the farm with an egg on top of your car in the hunt for the best times! Do not disrupt the egg by driving smoothly. Careful, or it will break! Will the challenge of jumps and loop-de-loops  break you? Can you find the hidden achievements?


  • Jumps, loops and off-roading
  • Over easy tracks to learn on
  • Hard boiled tracks to master techniques
  • Throwing eggs without the mess.
  • Eggciting, or rotten, yolks!

This has now been addressed in the latest version of Eggcelerate! Please let me know if you have any other problems.

Yea this build had some development tests enabled that give 1, 2 and 5 egg drop notifications on the first egg drop. Also thanks for mentioning Linux issues, they will be fixed in the next build when I have some time to make it!

Woah nice job!

My current best is a 178, what can you get?

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It has been an entire year since I released my very first game, Archer, a puzzle-like, physics-based speed-running game where you shoot arrows in a cave. Thanks to generous Twitch viewers and supporters, it has thus far made $175.50. This is nowhere near to covering the costs of development, which was approximately $2600 in time costs.

For the last 10 months, I have been working hard on a rocket-boosted racing game that has online multiplayer, drifting, big air, flips and tricks. 

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That is a great score and so far you take the top of the best score charts!

EDIT: Beatchya!


Boo! Did I scare you? No need to be scared playing this Halloween game, riding a hexed broomstick through a cemetery filled with mobs of ghosts. Avoid as many as you can for a high-score!

Grab your FREE copy today:

Thanks for the input, I have actually heard both of these points a fair bit and although I completely agree the 'aiming locked to certain points' feels a little odd, it was an intentional design decision because Archer is a puzzle shooter. It ensures that all screen resolutions can shoot all the targets, including trick shots, and that the trick shots are possible & easier to hit/aim for. There are some 25-35 possible shots vs 100s. But I agree, clunky.

Pulling the mouse into the screen to aim AT the mouse instead of pulling back was tested in development and felt weird to most players; The general consensus was it did not feel like a 'bow and arrow' mechanic.

I'd love to hear more about what feels slow, is it the transitions/walking from segment to segment, the enemies spawning? Arrow speed was set to give a bit more anticipation of hit/miss.

Later in the year Archer will receive an update to add some polish and improve the experience. What features / things would you like to see in this update?

Potential items:

  • Restart option in pause menu
  • Improved Level Select screen
  • Improved Resolution changing
  • Animated walk cycle for player
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Take on the role of a marksman Archer and adventure through Mount Doom's caverns. Careful, the slumbering dragon may not let you pass without first playing his games. Archery is a skill easy to learn yet difficult to master! Available on Windows, MacOS and Linux!