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Samantha E. Schaffer (~Rina)

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I love this, thanks for sharing it. 💖

There have been writing jams in the past. There's plenty of non-games content on and that's good. It's good to have diverse content. There's no rule that the jams have to be games related.

That loading screen is hella cute~ 💗

Fwiw, I don't think you deserve it either~

Fun fact: those lines are all my own handwriting, so I did real lines of this, haha.

Oh my gosh, thanks! Aw man, I was feeling pretty down about the state it's in, but this comment genuinely has made me keen to keep working on it.~

Also I'm really glad you appreciate the look since I spent a lot of time on it 😭 

Gosh, your comments are so thoughtful and sweet, thank you.

don't apologise! I totally get what you're saying. 

Snow would have certainly lost its charm over time but because I moved before it could, I can't help but long for it still.

Like, I miss it so much that I made this game but I'm also really aware that if I experienced snow again it probably wouldn't be the same and would just disappoint.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I really appreciate it 💚

This is beautiful, and definitely a topic I've thought about a lot myself. Thank you for making this.~

This sounds really cool, I'm looking forward to it~


I'm glad you liked it~

And I used the multi-sprite avatar hack from bitsy-hacks  :3