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Hey did you mean for the christmas tree breakable 

Heads up their is about to be a christmas map coming soon 

Yeah it sure did help me learn new things about puzzlescripts ima be making another game in puzzlescript soon but it is going to be way out because i have school and i want to keep making this current game better and better

Thank you, I must say the idea you had to make it random gen a map was amazing.  The game seems to be pretty popular rn i got like 42 views in one day. 

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thanks ive tried pretty hard to branch from Martins Idea

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yeah it took some playing with but right now it works but not very well. It will auto complete each level witch sucks but i have to edit the Player rules and the win conditions but it should be working in the next day because i have school tmr  

Must say already love the axe puns

The only bugs that I know of is that when we tried the random gen script it would auto complete the level 

Woah okay this is a kinda big update

  1. New Things Added another Map (Tutorial)
  2. Reorganized Backend Code Again 
  3. Added Map Switching Automatically
  4. New Ore Added "Emerald Ore" 
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This is my new project source was thanks to Martin, I redid like 90% or it on the backend and made some new sprites and expand the game dems, Working on RNG Map generation rn look forward to that. Also i have made a forum for the Clear the mine community

This update has once again brought a new ore "Ruby". Dev Log Im  trying to make a rng map gen so its not the same map everytime check in the Forums for when that update drops

also the Math.random isnt a thing on puzzlescript. also rn im using a random spawn script but it keeps turn the player into the spawner for the ore so it may tak a little but longer to work out 

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So ive been looking into thing for puzzlescript for rng and i think i got it working  but its kinda broken. As in it spawn a blank map and wont use my teleport spots wont appear, so ive been looking into it and i appreciate the feedback. 

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Today's update brought another ore to the game "Diamond Ore". And New icons for when you break a block now .

Also, thanks for the support 33 in one day.

Yeah i thought about that but i dont know how i would make a true RNG in puzzlescript but im working on a map switcher so every time you play a new map shows up. but im still making the maps. Also thanks for playing.

This update has brought a expanded map a new ore "Gold Ore". And a new backend code revamp

Um, It looks super fun as for a download i didnt see like to one. I'd Love to see your team or person do a alpha or beta test on itch

This game was a code revamp from Matthew VanDevander's game the object was the only thing i kept core and everything else got redone in a cleaner way.

Im using a chromebook rn until my computer parts are shipped and ill build it.

also in puzzlescript how would i make them switch maps or goto a new one 

its cool i kinda took the code and am  "remaking it" as to speak some of your core code is in their as in the "titlemaps" but new icons

Here is the like if you wanted to check it out

Updates from now on will be left in this thread

If you find any bugs leave them down Below

Leave your suggestion down below

I dont know what you wrote this in could you comment it below and ill edit and send the copy i made if you want 

Yeah it would love to see you expand it, If you need help ill be glad to 

Hey i like the game must say it kinda simple but overall love the concept. Make it better and more 

I must say its a simple but fun game 

If your school dosen't have a thirtyseven4 safe mode blocker, goto into safe mode and make a new admin account using the cmd, BOOM No Problems dm for help

Ah, i didnt know i though about using it instead of construct 2 

Also was OpenFL easy to use 

Liek the game 

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hahah, if your for real get the corsair k55