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I think the A500mini can do AGA games, so there is nothing that should prevent you from playing the game on it.

Thanks, Denaris. Your words are much appreciated... :)

Check your mails... ;)

Sorry for the late reply, mate.. Was a bit sick.
Can you send me your e-mail-adress? ;)

I think with a name like "neogeocdworld" you might be a bit partial... ;) :D

My current plan is to finalize the cart versions first off and then go for a CD version (which needs a different loading system to work) if feedback is good.

Let's see. A CD version would need a very different setup, though. Since you need to have loaders, etc, instead of just accessing the ROMs.
on the other hand, I won't have the hassle with the cart production on my neck, which is super expensive and difficult.
Really, no idea yet. Will see in mid 2023, and can give you an answer then.. :)

Just bought the yellow book a month ago, and I have no idea why people have problems reading it.

It's simply amazing, and the best RPG purchase for me in a long time.

Love this game so much.

Hey mate, everything's on the table. Depends on if and how carts will get produced or not.

Does the Neo Geo have a big CD community? 

Thanks, mate... :) 

Thanks Niko. Will need you testing soon... :)

Very nice! Looking forward to that... :)

Hope the NG version will be worthy of being running on the Neo-Geo... :)

Will do, thanks for the kind words, Andreas.. :) Hope we will meet on Amiga37 as well.

Soon.. :)

Hey mate. Thanks for the nice comment.
Started in late 2016, and took me around 4 years. Not working on it all the time, though, of course... ;)

Hey tuahis. Nice to hear you like the game. Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this after playing a while... :) (and yeah, Inviyya 2 is in the works right now ;) )

Hey Drisk, I will answer you on your thread on the English Amiga Board. :)

Sorry, mate, I don't have any idea on both topics... ;)

Thanks mate, much appreciated!

Thanks for the kind words, Tolgod... :)

Just write to Poly.Play if you bought the game there, mate... :) They will send you the update. 
Greets, Tigerskunk

Ah, okay.. :D
The 7 level version has all the enhancements of the "Balanced Version" already in there.

It's the Balanced Version plus a new level, so to say.. :)

Hey mate, happy to hear you and your child like the game... :) 
What do you mean by "simplified version"? 


You need to ask that to Psygore on the whdload page... :)
I am just delivering this here... ;)


You might get a mail by Poly.Play over the next few days.. ;)

Wow, now that's a nice feedback... :)
Thanks, mate. Hope you are happy with the game.

Would love to read how it plays for you.. :)

Thanks for the support, Dtomaso.. :)
Yep, it's planned to do more boxed releases.. Let's see how that turns out.. :)

Yay, super nice... Thanks for the effort, sedor... :)

Thanks for supporting Amiga game dev, mate!
Happy to hear you liked the game.

My next game for the Amiga will be an OCS game once more. Will be called "Krogharr", featuring a beer drinking Barbarian.. ;)

I guess you need ask the Flashtro people for that, I only provide the game as it is... ;)

Thanks, mate... Glad you like it. :)

Thanks for playing, mate... :)

Great.. Hope you like the new level, mate... :)

That's easily explained. SFX are very memory hungry on the Amiga since they samples and need to be in Chip RAM if you want to use them through DMA access (which is fast).

An Amiga 500 for which this game is aimed at has only 512 kb of Chip RAM, and Inviyya uses almost every little piece of that for fast triple buffering, music, multi parallaxing, keeping all kinds of gfx and animations that are needed all the time (fonts, explosions, the players ship and its shots, upgrades, etc)... 512 kb might sound like a lot, but all that stuff adds up quickly.

One other explanation for sfx missing for some things is simply a lack of time. In the end I just wanted to get the game shipped after months and months of bug fixing and improving stuff.

I concur, SFX are lacking in the game, but if you are just one person who does EVERYTHING it all comes down to compromises in the end if you want to create a game that rivals old titles from back in the day.

Hope you will like the game anyway, mate... 
Thanks for your already written and hopefully future feedback when you played the game..

just go to the main page of the game:

Then (when logged in) you should see "You own this game" on top of the page with "Download" button.
The button takes you to a page showing the files available for download.

the new update should be in the list... :)

Haha, have fun, mate. Glad you like it... 

Unfortunately no, we are two different shops not connected to each other. Hope you will like the game when you play it, mate... :)

Great stuff, Earok..

I have copied this answer from snz138 on eab:
"It was a bit tricky, but just go to the main page of the game:

Then (when logged in) you should see "You own this game" on top of the page with "Download" button.
The button takes you to a page showing the files available for download.
The balance update lha is in this list "