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The game is not about arrow key dude. You have to type "up" and "down" the same way you type "start".

This... is the best comment xD 

"From chill to dark souls in 5 secondes" You made my entire week, friend !

Yes, it use the same asset we used in game.

Thank you so much ! ❤️

Yeah we noticed the difficulty is a little too hard.

Thank you so much. It means a lot for me. You made Drifting hearts, My favorite game so far of this jam !

Thanks you all your kind words ! 

Your life is the flower on the grown. You start with 3 flowers et 1 flower seed. You can pick up seed in the cottage. You can have 5 flower max, when you lose one, you can pick up 1 seed.

We're working on a final version with WASD/ZQSD (qwerty/azerty) and 1 2 3 4 for select seeds. We also are adding an easy mode
We were out of time during the jam :)

You already can play in fullscreen, click on right bottom button

Ahah I'm glad you like it ! 🥰

Thank you so much ! 
We have not set the game for a controller, I really did not know what happen when you use it. 

I'm gald you enjoy it ! 

Thank you so much ! What a great compliment  !

Very interesting gameplay ! The idea is great and it works well

Awesome game, my favorite of this game jam ! Congratulation !

Thank you so much ! 

Thanks Blacksmith friend ! From you, it's a really nice compliment. Your game art is so nice too.

Thanks a lot ! 🥰

Thanks :) !

Thanks a lot ! We spent time on working the idea. 

Yes, we know. In our duo, one is an hardcore gamer and the other a casual. We spent a lot of time on "-It's too hard -No it's too easy"

Thanks :)

Font and art are all @menicafolden works ! She is so talented !

Thank you so much 🥰

Wow, you can't imagine how it makes us happy 🥰

Thanks a lot  ! 🥰

Nice concept, nice music, nice graphics. Well, Great game !

Nice game ! Short one but nice one ! Awesome graphics !

It tooks me a moment to understand the 2 weapons were not the same. I love how you have to fire on the ground to plant, fire water and fire on the bugs on our corn. It looks like a pro-weapon Texan farmer simulator. 

Merci Monsieur Je-possède-le-high-score ! 🥰 

Ça nous va vraiment droit au cœur ! 🥰

Thank you so much ! 🥰

Merci beaucoup 🥰 ! 

Je ne pense pas que celui là aura une final version comme notre jeu précédent. Mais en effet, l'idée vaudrait le coup d'être poussé plus loin. :) 

Le truc pour bien réussir c'est de bien utiliser les différentes seeds, les pumpkin wall aident beaucoup !

Thank you so much ! 🥰 We put our souls in it !

Thanks @menicafolden for the art ! She is awesome ! 🥰

Merci beaucoup 🥰

Thank you 🥰

I love the concept and the sound is really well chosen. It's quite difficult but it's a really nice work !

Nice sound track ! :D

Love how you mix a racing game with a farming game. A little problem with the music which do not loop but still a funny game !

Ahaha really fun concept, I like it !