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Workshop of Gameplay

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Put yout email adress here and I'll show you linked code to download for free ! (beta testers first).  Only three download codes for that excuses :) Community » General » Recommend a Game · Created a new topic Vouivre

Perfectly done a show of making great games possibility. I'm waiting for more !

Great graphic, works nice on medium class PC. Animations looks awesome and it's a show of level design, how to use a few of assets to make a wonderfull game level.

If they need a concept art's for making new models (the best from me - enemy image), then they can ask for it.

Or some..

T.I.D. Productions (AAAWorkshop of Gameplay trademark Creator) presents a simpy videoclip with gameplay included (music also cause force useD) - - - - CHECK on My site - the version compiled for 13 levels (for this moment, and...  time shows what neXt) 

Can find the game content here:

"Not, not Baaad" -  some freaky dark voice said to me after record..

New game in progress (Open World this time !)

Check my newest (already done) 13 levels included game for show how my skills grow up, but to see progress wait a second - next project will show my level design abilities and maybe some of scripts used for make it more than simply slasher !

Tommorow I will.

Putting you in game description will be ok? Or some payments needed?

More than is possibly willing to update every not completly uploaded contet I suggest you to come to my side (just for moment enought).

More than half of first full project still underconstruction.

About aRPG Project it will return (so much propably) in week's, but with less time spended on pushing resources to cm2, but much longer (keeps you coolfan alive).