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Thank you, bro! The graphics will get an overhaul to deal specifically with that issue, yes! That's what you get when you add stuff bit by bit instead of doing it all at once with a ready-made color palette! Oh, well, the more you know! Stay tuned for the full release at tibith.com

Thank you! :D

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Full version is coming to itch.io and Steam! There won't be a price difference or different dates for sales (if any). Thank you! \o/

Thanks, man! :D Glad you like it! Wanna vote vor the full release on Greenlight? \o/ http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/stats/880838925

Haha! Thank you! At first I thought you said polish as in "it's very detail-oriented", not Polish as in "kurwa!". Haha!

Wanna vote for the full version on Greenlight? http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/stats/880838925

Thank you, man! Cool stuff. I'm honored!

The only reason why it's not on Mac yet is that I haven't got one around to test in on. But once I do, I will. Most definitely!

In the meantime, you might want to help Greenlight the game! :D

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And thank you very much for playing! :Care to vote for Don't Tax Me, Bro! on Greenlight? :D

Thank you! Care to vote for it on Greenlight?

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Thanksies! You damn well should be proud. I can't even finish the thing sometimes!

How about finishing the full version now? :D

Haha! Great stuff! Thanks for the kind words, mate!

Updated to v0.75 of the demo! :D

It's a bug! :o It's 'cause the difficulty level doesn't reset immediately after restart. It's fixed, but I have to update the demo tomorrow! Stay tuned for the full release on the 30th of March! :D

Hey, man! Thanks! The cops coming from the right are completely intentional. It gets harder the more you stay alive. In the full release, you'll get an audio-visual warning before cops appear. From either direction 😁 Hope that clears it up!

Ce-ti mai place! 😎 Merci frumos, boss!

Thanks, man!

Thank you very much! I'm aware of the video, yes! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? 😂 I wrote something about that in this blog article. Check it! 😎

Thanks! The "hard to figure out the objects" thing is being addressed. And yes, it will most definitely be ready in time! 😎

Awesome! May I ask you what other games did you play recently?

Thank you very much, sir / madame! Glad you like it!

Thanks, man! Keep in mind - this is just the demo! 😁

Thanks, GrannyJo! Valid complaints! I will most definitely address the issue of the ambiguity of objects that you can interact with by virtue of a slight hue and contrast change! Thanks for the awesome crit! :D Keep an eye out, 'cause there will be a final update to the demo in about 4 days. Cheers!

Thanks, bro! Check out the SFX / music man here http://www.facebook.com/TonyBaboon/

Indeed, the game can (and will :P) benefit from replacing the hard to see assets with easier to spot ones. Thanks!

You're awesome, bro! Thanks! :D It's been great times watching you getting KOed by my minions! >:)