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Thanks, man! :D Glad you like it! Wanna vote vor the full release on Greenlight? \o/ http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/stats/880838925

Haha! Thank you! At first I thought you said polish as in "it's very detail-oriented", not Polish as in "kurwa!". Haha!

Wanna vote for the full version on Greenlight? http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/stats/880838925

Thank you, man! Cool stuff. I'm honored!

The only reason why it's not on Mac yet is that I haven't got one around to test in on. But once I do, I will. Most definitely!

In the meantime, you might want to help Greenlight the game! :D

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And thank you very much for playing! :Care to vote for Don't Tax Me, Bro! on Greenlight? :D

Thank you! Care to vote for it on Greenlight?

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Thanksies! You damn well should be proud. I can't even finish the thing sometimes!

How about finishing the full version now? :D

Haha! Great stuff! Thanks for the kind words, mate!

Updated to v0.75 of the demo! :D

It's a bug! :o It's 'cause the difficulty level doesn't reset immediately after restart. It's fixed, but I have to update the demo tomorrow! Stay tuned for the full release on the 30th of March! :D

Hey, man! Thanks! The cops coming from the right are completely intentional. It gets harder the more you stay alive. In the full release, you'll get an audio-visual warning before cops appear. From either direction 😁 Hope that clears it up!

Ce-ti mai place! 😎 Merci frumos, boss!

Thanks, man!

Thank you very much! I'm aware of the video, yes! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? 😂 I wrote something about that in this blog article. Check it! 😎

Thanks! The "hard to figure out the objects" thing is being addressed. And yes, it will most definitely be ready in time! 😎

Awesome! May I ask you what other games did you play recently?

Thank you very much, sir / madame! Glad you like it!

Thanks, man! Keep in mind - this is just the demo! 😁

Thanks, GrannyJo! Valid complaints! I will most definitely address the issue of the ambiguity of objects that you can interact with by virtue of a slight hue and contrast change! Thanks for the awesome crit! :D Keep an eye out, 'cause there will be a final update to the demo in about 4 days. Cheers!

Thanks, bro! Check out the SFX / music man here http://www.facebook.com/TonyBaboon/

Indeed, the game can (and will :P) benefit from replacing the hard to see assets with easier to spot ones. Thanks!

You're awesome, bro! Thanks! :D It's been great times watching you getting KOed by my minions! >:)