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This was fixed successfully. It was a problem with the email verification.

Please, keep testing the game. Thanks!

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Something happened on the webserver today and we are investigating what happened, and it appears that you triggered a bug! You can now test the game again. Thanks!

Edit: Yes, you triggered it. I will try to fix it ASAP!

Edit #2: No, you didn't. Need to keep an eye on this.

Edit #3: Weird, but it was you, but it is a really weird case.

Nice! This game looks awesome! Hopefully you will get more people buying it. The promotional video is awesome too.

All the game versions are currently on development. This game page will be the only alpha testing zone.

Lo jugué aqui en el sitio web, y me corre perfecto. Algunos bugs pequeños que realmente no afectan tanto. Lo compartí en mi Twitter (que hace poco uso). Suerte!

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Game Progress History

  • Room Editor
    • Wall Editor - 90%
    • Tile Editor - 90%
    • Item Editor - 90%
    • Buy System - 80%
    • Server Check - 0%
  • Account System
    • Login - 20%
    • Register - 5%

Important To-Do's:

  1. Character Editor
  2. Outside Editor
  3. Follow System