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Hehe ;), well you're welcome ! <3

:o i see! i will see when i will play it then ! :)

YES <3 i'm so happy you finish it! Well, yes and no, the end is different if i remember well馃 and some parts of the story tho, if you have time play it ! :)

I need to play the warriors version tho, engage idk, i need a more dark fire emblem like this one and genealogy of the holy war. (he never appeared in English, but the story seems so good and dark <3)

Haha, yes, i love Hubert too! I need to do a new replay of the game for romancing him huhu <3


Well, as usual, here are the spoilers so don't read if you haven't played :)

/!\ SPOILERS /!\

I play with the masculine voice, and what a voice this was! My! :o again, friend, you're really can find a good voice actor!

Oh damn, it's really surprise when you need to play with the menu to continue to; well; play lol you're surprise me always :o.

The antagonist character I find hard to pin down, as our character says, he doesn't make sense! but he's very interesting :)

The fact the story begin to make sense little by little bits, it's really a great idea!

And for one of the endings: wait, what XD one of the endings, it's really the roleplay of two lovers? haha if i understand well, you're a genius lol

I have listen to the extras too! :p And well, Jeritza? ;) It for that the character design (and the way of thinking and talking, deep voice etc) make sense! ...that mean you finished FE3H too! I'm glad! ;o; we need to talk about that :D!

Oh, and tbh, i was afraid you will make a screamer lol (you need to thank that to MADiSON, i, again, watched a stream on twitch of the game ;_;)

Anyway, thanks for the game ! <3 It's way a good game Melancholy!


Oh, i agree so much to this <3 Voice Actors are love, Voice Actors are life haha

Youre welcome haha ! Well, it's was immersive for me lol

I prefer the first version haha

Yep! I agree wholeheartedly!

Awww, thank you ! :) And, awwwwww you make me smile! :) I'm happy you're happy and well to have adding another review to your talented writing!

Hey! As always I'm going to make a review filled only with spoilers so:  


 So first impression: I choose the masculine voice !

Orange Blythe one is so cuteee <3 (and creepy lol) The voice actor again ah :) beautiful voice! And blue Blythe voice is unexpected but i like it! it's go well with the art of his/they bunny! I like the erratic voice of Orange Bylthe tho! My favorite kind of voice lol

God, the blue one creepy me haha Oh and on the park, the background noise, some of this are in french and well one of the kid say "hey f*ckhead! you're really a shit huh!" it's more insulting that my translation but it's make me laugh haha Oh! and the idea of the people that turned into a balloon it's the genre of the plot i like <3 Damn... the voice actor <3 the work they put! Great choice of voice like always Melancholy! <3 And the art... omg! I love it! The artist is talented! 

 The ending: Damn, one of those when i fall asleep, the expression of satisfaction from Orange Blythe is hot lol <3 and creepy tho haha With the game with colorful and cute color, the creepy undertone is perfection! :D And the endings! With the bliss end and the other one when you fall asleep, baby boy hide not so well it's fixation over us! but it's always funny and interesting when cute yandere character breaks their composure. Anyways thanks for the game and see you soon in another game! :D And sorry for grammar mistake and such! ^^'

Yeah, i understand that being back to work after a long time being ill can be good for not become rusty, but be careful, though! ><

Damn O_O Well, it's confirm you're are complete artist! Really, i'm admirative of all the hard work you're doing! You're do almost all your games by yourself! (apart the art i'm think?)

And yeah, i thought it's was a music assets haha not to said you're are not good enough to produce music but it's just not come to my mind! :o

And yeah now, go rest! >:( Or i'm manifest in your house!

It鈥檚 was good, thanks !:D And i鈥檓 hope your's have been good as well !:)

Hey! Don't worry it's okay, puts your health first! (And i as you see I answer late too haha)

And i see we excuse yourself everytime we late again haha x)

And i'm hope your better now! <3

Wait, wait, you mean my dumb ass didn't realize that it was you who made the music? Damn. It's was amazing, really kudos to you! :D And Melancholy... rest. REST! Alright? 茅o猫

Yep totally! You doing a amazing job for choose the right voice actor everytime! :D

Oh :O Good for you! It's always interesting to known more about our origin! ^^ And i'm hope you can visit :)

/!\ Spoilers /!\

Well, i'm totally agree lol Like you said, boy listen to your girl and you will never be in this situation lol

Awww <3 it's nothing! :D It's always a pleasure to play your games! :D (and thank to say i'm sweet huhu <3 you too <3!)

Yep, it's alright! :) Good and boring but in a good way ^^ Hope you too ! :D

All my reviews have spoilers so...


I'm done all the endings! The story is short but great with a twist in the end which are really smart! :)

I knew your new partner was involved and especially when he showed his true colors lol

I said "haha! I knew it!" all loud lol

Anyways, like always you story are great and always different and you master the genres as well as you play with perfectly! And your characters are always really good well written <3

Good voice actors ! :D

Honestly I say this every time but your stories make me want to write/and to advance in my stories! (Thanks fo the push lol)

I also enjoyed the art (CG and sprite) and ofc the bgm!

Thanks for your game! :D

Hi! So i will begin with spoilers directly so don't read it if you don't want spoilers!


First, say to the voice actress of Aurora that i like her voice <3.

I love the music ~ You're always choose the right bgm!

And of course i like the others voice actors! :) Kudo to also the VA of Dammerung! The way he portray well the emotions of Damm... it's really something else! <3

And for the story! >

I was so confused when we switch with Morgenrote haha! I thought we would only listen to Aurora's story not play it so I was surprised but pleasantly :)!

And german names... 馃憖 it's because you have origin isn't it? ~ I like details like that! It puts an even more personal touch to the story. :)

Beautiful CGs as well! Beautiful sprite also! *-*

And damn, Damme are reaaaally naive o_o, to go make a pact with a demon ._. Boy, you have never read any story lol?

What a tragedy love story... Poor Morgen i feel for her. (Well, technically our character will do it for us lol <_<)

And Damme... you really are good with male character! Especially with their mental state.

And of course our poor character OO' to be eaten while we did not ask anything lol Poor soul :(

I completed all the endings! Nice thinking for the first names of the protagonist in multiple languages!

Anyway, thanks for the game! /o\ You are again doing a great job! :D

Hi! Oh... you said so many things who spark my curiosity ! <3 Well, when i will be back play at your game, i will try to remember all of that ! <3

Thank again for your work ma'am haha ! :')

(I'm sorry for my short review, i read all your reply but i don't know what to say more than thanks for your hard work! ><)


First, thanks for your game !

My review is with Castor !

I review along the same time when i progress in the game so if it鈥檚 weird no worry lol !


                                        /!\ SPOILERS /!\

So! I like the way it鈥檚 handled, the feature when it鈥檚 like a visual novel are really well-made! The thoughts of the player (us!) too!

Argh i love so much what your doing with all yours game ! <3

The glitch was so well made! The voice actor <33

"I am more than just a few words a bunch of writers typed out!" HA. Ironic lol

For now i have a love-hate relationship with Castor. The character are not bad, he good writend! his character creep me out in a good writing way haha

I鈥檓 sorry if my review is short but that d9n鈥檛 mean i don鈥檛 like this game! Just too many thoughts at once lol

First try! So... i think i am in the bad end lol *finish the route* yep. I鈥檓 being mean so it鈥檚 normal. But god... your good for making creeping character! His lost of his mind is really  ! I was pretty uncorfortable myself and saying nope, nope, get away for me creep ! lol It鈥檚 understandable but i guess in real life i will get the bad end! him/her popping out like that and can鈥檛 take a no! And the whole possessive personality no-no! But, it鈥檚 yandere character for ya!

Second try!

HA! I was habitued if your not choose a reponse in a game it's will not skip on it ! So i was passed a lot of dialogue lol but i retry with out skip :D

Oh, good "good end" i guess? The voice actor man, i said it so many times but really he make a good job!

I will try the F version someday! :D Oh and the art is good! Castor is well captured on sweet otome guy type! (with yandere tendencies)

Thanks again for your game! :D

Hello! So, i will pass to the spoilers right away so don't read my review if you don't have play the game ! :)

/!\ Spoilers /!\ Spoilers /!\ Spoilers /!\

I played Limbo the 16 April, so i will say right away i'm sorry if my review is wonky it's be a long time i write the review somewhere in my phone and i don't remember well the story to correct it well, so sorry ^^'!

So, just the homepage (menu), i like it! It's throw you in the atmosphere!

Poor Nine for being between realms as an sentence on a support line, well it's can be a worse job but no thanks lol

Anyway at my first try, i end in the bad endings with Kiol. When they keep you in their locker. Hahaha <_< I like their design buuuut get away for me, please, thanks, goodbye!

And i have one of the good end? With Niard. Meh. Not so bad, i guess. ...Probaly. 

For the chara! Poor Soul... </3 But for me, i like it! ^^

I have the bad ending when Mallory (Kiol, then?) kill Nine? Because i being a ass to Malory so yeah, i was surprise and doing that in the night so i was creep out a little, haha.

I have the good ending!... i think? The one with credits? Anyway, i loved this game ! And, well even if Kiol creep me out a little a little, i like their character in a way! I having all the good ending for the characters that Nine call in their work and, well idk how many ending this game have, but, i have four ending? Two bad ending, a good ending? And happy ending with the credits? I liked all the characters ! :) Anyway, thanks the team for the game!


First, i want to said a big thanks at your team for this game !

It's the first interactive fiction i tried and damn... it's so good! Honestly, i had always put aside interactive fiction because i need to seen the face of the potentiel LI, but to see just a image of the LI like in this game is good enough, so thanks at the artist ! :D

The story is well tied, place descriptions, e.t.c it's always a plus for me! and the characters is good so far and just... all the options! It's so good to have a detailed custom character, you have a fan lol!

The game gives me vibes of Dragon Age, Pillars of Eternity and Pathfinder and i not said that in the bad way, i "know" artists don't like when we compare to other games/characters their game - it's normal - but i'm just saying it because that's why the game attracted me :)!

And just the prologue it's so innovating ! I really like this game and i will put a more big - or i will tried - review when the game will be finish but, yes, it's great and the first LI, gnn... y e s ! he so attractive ! both in looks in personnality ofc. i want to known the others now! :) to choose romance or not is good tho, i think i will try a full friendship route too!

Anyway big yes with this game, and good luck at the team! I can't wait to continue this! :D

Sorry in avance for mistakes! ^^'

This entire review of review of review of review it's just spoilers!

So... Spoilers :D

Oh...! Seriously ? I'm hyped haha *_*

Okayyy! Damn, i imagine Doyle staring into space all the time. And i know Doyle said that no one but Leah had noticed him, but Aku is blind to ever having noticed Doyle stare at his apartment window. I mean, i guess i have noticied some dude who was looking at the window where my girlfriend was working, but 炉\_(銉)_/炉 

And yeah, with the thoughts that can have Doyle i undersand he like: yeah, drama queen asshole just die, it's my chance ! :D And thank you for clarifying for me ! :)

I'm see, i'm see! :) One of your friend played it? :O It's great to have someone who you can work with in your job that you know! Thank you for that! You're very nice ! :D Don't worry if you can't to find the script SR ! Offering to send it to me is already really sweet :)! And we can creating a club for not techno advancing gramma haha x)

Oh, great! I had understood well! It's a great capacity and not totally horrifying when you know about his personnality haha <_< He can't get killed if we destroy the one we speak to us individually, because he can create many him as he please humm 馃

Buuuut, it's great we can have a one for yourself <3

It's great this detail, that he speak to only me! Good thinking ^^! And they all the same personnality? :o

Again, good luck for creating his story and beware of him! x)

Yeah, totally, just imagine this, being stuck and all... We can undersand your mind slipt. Like him... hahaha <_<

You're welcome, haha ! ~

I can undersand this can bit frustrating ! :/ But, it's work for me in the end anyway ! :) And, yeah, i guess if i'm not be playing A9 and all, and not to have been intrigued by the mystery guy and to have liked the writing, I wouldn't have tried the game to be honest. (Sorry if it's brutal way of saying that ><) But, lucky me i'm a glad i played A9 and discorverying your universe! I will thinking a little more before judging a work of art by details that put me off now :D!

Ohhh *_* You interest me haha :D I will definitely give it a try if it comes out or I'll wait for DD updates ^^ ! :D And try to not to faint because of the work ! :( Be careful!

Haha, thank you :D ! And... awww my heart! Thank you so much for your kinds work, i'm touched <3 :) ! My heart is swollen with emotions haha ;w; ! You're adorable! And like i said in one on my review, you're seen a good person a well ! :D Haha, weirdo assemble!

Thank's ! You too (again haha XD) ! And i'm sorry (again, as well) if i can a little weird with my way of saying things cos' i have a blood test tomorrow and i HATE stings and i'm a scaredy-cat so ;__; ! So this is why if my sentences are more bizarre and all cos i'm stressed, like really stressed and I can't manage to to write in english or think haha <_<

Oh, and i'm hope it's okay i'm have responding here, because i don't know whether I should write all this in the email or not ^^' !

Anddd, that's all! In my way of sleeping ! (Who i'm am kidding, hahahaha <_<)

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Hehe, you're welcome! :)

Oh, and sorry again for mistakes and weird sentences ! ^^'

Spoilers (again, i guess x))

Well, she did it well! Leah like so much like a real human being! :)

Ohhhh, thank you for the link! I save this series in my loooooong list of... series haha. Sound so great! <3 Thank you for the discovery ! It will help my with my writing, i like scenario like this ^^ And it's for that i like your VN :)

Yes! I can't imagine to see a friend (?) going though so much and end up like this ! I imagine myself feel like a failure to not be able to save him/her in time! :/

Wow! And she like this for a year? Damn. Doyle feel like so much a hunter with his prey :O And... if he loved her all that time, he must have felt so lonely and reinforced his Yandere-attitude in plus ! :o To see her, doing that with the air and all, like he said in the VN! And if i'm remind well he know Aku no? Not knowing, knowing him but see him alive and all, no? :o

I see, good thinking of your part! And it wasn't boring at all! On the contrary haha ! :D I like differents POV of characters! You see thing of a new light! Of new dark light for Doyle ! (I'm the queen of humor uwu)

Yep. You can write fuck up characters and explore you can't doing in reality cos' it's forbidden for good reasons haha !

And i see that for yandere characters, haha! And i like who you write them !

Yes, totally! The voice acting doing makes it all anxiety-provoking! In "good way". Like, if he jump in my screen, i will not being surprised at all! haha

I said yes cos' i'm was panicking XD ! Ohhh, i was guess right! I like possessive-type character haha! Honeslty i'm can undersand for not subtitles, it's fit for the ??? part of wtf and breaking fourth wall ! :D

Oh, i have understood well ? Ah, good for my not good hearing haha 

Buuuut, if you can send me what he saying, i'm will being grateful! But, your sure? i'm not want to put another charge of work on you ! :o

And, i'm not familiar with itch so... who you can email me? :o I'm such a old grannie sommetimes with technology ;_;

Hm, i see! And he not a monogamous character haha

More seriously, it is a single entity or multiple ? Like plenty of 

alternative him for all players ?

Awww, he love me! And he want me to suffer... :D help

More your write about him, the more i'm curious! :p He his already such a interesting character! I like character like him, haaaa ! <3 

I'm want to know why he so obessed with us! Like who he know us? Who he know how to breaking the fourth wall? does he still have a physical form or has he lost it and is wandering in the webcam? (horrible fate if it is the case o_o) He is in my webcam ? XD And i'm happy you you confirm he a yandere ^^ yes and h.e.l.p haha

And be careful with him ! x)

YES! Ahhhh, i'm want to see your new projects, your new characters and him, haaaa *_* And i'm wish you good luck with all that ! Break a leg!

Oh! A remake? If you do, i'm will take it! Oh and for the sprites and all (i'm talk about Solip), i was a little reluctant at first and I'm VERY picky about drawing while my proper draws are... um.... <_< buuut honestly I thought with the quality of writing it would pass! And I was right! And afterwards the sprites made me nostalgic of old manga so it's was ok! And i liked the sprite of Shiro :3 And... new routes ? +_+ Yes!

Ohhh ~ You said to me such interesting things here +___+ ! I will pay for DD and Impostor one day, maybe i wait for a new games or uptades for taking them in pack ! :D

And, you're welcome! :DDD I was taken away with passion for writing this review so i'm was pretty impressed of me lol And thanks! i'm happy i'm not being too weird or weird at all, i'm glad haha And i'm happy your happy with my feedback haha XD

And you too! Have a wonderful weekend ! ;D

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I finished your two games (and i'm hope you don't mind i review a little Solipsism Reigns here ^^') and honestly i guess is one on the best psychology otome game i play.

Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers, fly you fools ! (and i'm hope i'm doing my references right ;__; )

Doyle really creep me out o___o, in genre realistic way. I can imagine guy like him so yeah, creep me out hahaha T___T

(and i LIKE games with realistic characters so i write it a lot in my reviews when I see one haha) buuut i is a good character writing. Really smart this guy. And Leah, poor girl, i feel for her. It's surprising me for Akuji and Leah, to say he's been dead all this time, it's ingenious, never really noticed anything ^^, I just imagine Doyle like this 0___0 the fuck...? when he watch Leah doing the kissing with... nothing. In seriouness, it's so sad. Really. Ahhh, you writing so good, i can really imagine a movie out of this ! :D (and i know it's inspired of a episode of a series? :))

And i can imagine Fleur in one in the bad ending, the fuck wrong here? When she see Doyle in his bath of blood. Leah, i leave you one week and this is happening?

And, Doyle i sure 'the blood bath good for skin' it's false don't do this :/

But in all seriouness, I don't remember well, how long has it been since Aku died and Leah, how long has she been like this, in depression I mean? Sorry, my memory love going in journey when she want ;_; I don't remember ><

And, the fact we can doing the doyle pov it's so good, his thoughts are so well done! :o and scary for Leah, especially the parts where he makes her drink, so fuck up, but, when i see how Leah is mentally, especially the part where she kills Doyle under Aku's influence, i'm think, they are a good fuck up couple. It's good to see not healthy couple in otome or romanced visual novel ^^ I don't condome this in real life ofc, but in otome i love this, so many possibilites, and nobody got hurt. Plus, Yandere characters, my inner teenager weakness haha

They need therapie, both of them ofc, but just to see (as I said before) a couple trying to pick up the pieces to try to be happy while not being well mentally with such good writing, it's good. In good endings.

Because, in bad ending, oh boy, damn, Doyle go away of Leah ! >:( please, poor girl. And ahh so frustrating the doctor who can't see anything, and can't see anything in real life because, he doesn't have Doyle's history and there's nothing to suggest that a relationship that's starting to be abusive, it's "just" a boyfriend who brought his girlfriend who just tried to commit suicide, but I can imagine so much of Leah's terror at seeing Doyle being all cute in front of the doctor, terrifying !

AND my favorite part...

Breaking the fourth wall! Ahh, when i see Doyle being "...", i'm saying to myself ohhh...? He will do it, won't he? He knows I'm here, hahahahaha (help) he SO angry, like boy i'm just doing the VN, leave me by ;_; But, well, i can imagine me being not so pleased to see a random person trying to break my couple because i'm not exist, sooo!

And, when i hearing a unknown voice talk to me and I had not done the other game at that time, so i'm like??? hello? yes? why you say i'm belong to you? no? allo? but in reality i'm being so happy lol like the voice acting it's so good, and so... idk real, so yeah talk to me, yandere-like character ! :D (i guess? he is quite possessive, isn't he?)  i undersand half of it, because English is not my mother tongue and it had no subtitles (and it's not a critique, so don't worry! :)) , so I'm lost, help!

Annnnd when i finished Solipsism Reigns true ending, -good game btw, Kuro <3 good idea with the same protag who repeat herself off again and again in differents universes with the same love interest and the fact that her life is just an excuse to help the real one. same with the love interest who have just depression to not being protect for real his love <3- (i'm think when i doing other of your new games i'm replay the ending of all your games for a better listen of the mysterious guy^^) I meet the unknown guy.

So, if i'm undersand right, his a guy who know his not real? and we real, you and the others players. And he knows that we are behind the screen, and he love us...? Yandere-Like i guess, and he say we wait for him....? I don't remember right, and it's all i remember of his talks for now haha <_< OH! and he REALLY angry when we likes the good cute ending with Kuro in the desert, but it's just that he loves to piss us off, right? cause maybe he can't having a good ending or just an ending with us? And you, he hate you or no? :o 'Cause i thnik i remember when you say to don't listen to him and he cut you off, so ? :o

Anyway, i like this bitch-ass guy, so i'm undersand right (of the others reviews) he is a character that will come a lot? *_* And love to have a game with just him,

but it must be complicated, just for the design of the character and the answers of the player because nobody plays the same so idk... maybe? :o

Anyway (again) i really like your two games, the VA is AMAZING, i like the voices of the characters (all of them) I have the feeling i talking to real humains being, (sorry Doyle your not <_<) so yeah good job for them! :D

And ofc i loved your other game (Solip)! :D I did a little review of it, but the level of love it have in it ! Good, good, good. Oh, and also the mystery man appears in Impostor and DD or not? :o

I鈥檓 shy to publish review so i鈥檓 was really not sure if i鈥檓 want to doing a review here, but i鈥檓 really like your games and i have listen your interview in Solip and your like sympathetic so… voil脿, i鈥檓 here haha <_< I鈥檓 hope i鈥檓 not being too weird, like i鈥檓 doing this for good points, or idk, i鈥檓 don鈥檛 remember this expression in english cause my quota of write in english going to expire ;_ ; i鈥檓 writing slowly and with weird sentences so i cut myself off before we can read what i鈥檓 am saying with ??? face haha

Can鈥檛 wait to write another review of one of your new game <3 ! Thank you for creating this !

(Sorry for the mistakes)

First i'm need to thanks the whole team <3 Really great writing. It's really realistic, love all the characters, except douchebag man ofc his writing is so realistic that it makes me uncomfortable every time I see him on the server lol

The VA is excellent, seriously this is illegal to have such beautiful voices haha

I like the song of the title screen <3 really, this game is good, REALLY good. The discord idea, yes 1000x yes

I don't read for now the epilogues of the guys (i'm will doing this soon ofc), but i see... ??? Xyx it's is you with your dick jokes ? I joint the people here, i want him <3

(Oh, and i'm sorry if my writing is weird, it's been a while since I wrote in english, sorry sorry <_<)